Monday, 28 September 2009

Working With The Mind

Meditation For The Mind, Body & Soul

Relaxation and meditation isn’t all chants and chimes, it can be a very effective way to manage the stress people have in their busy lives. For emotional well-being, take some time to yourself each day and find a routine that celebrates your inner-peace.


3 Ways to Improve Mental Clarity

Have you ever wandered into a room in the house with a purpose only to wonder what you were going in there for once you get there? Most of us have these kind of “duh” moments. Although these moments of forgetfulness can be common when you are tired or have had a very busy day, it is really not healthy to have them all the time. Short term memory loss and mental grogginess should really be things that only come upon you once in a while. Here are three easy ways to improve mental clarity.

1. Get to bed early. Going to sleep early and waking up early is healthy. Mental alertness begins with a good quality and quantity of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep a each night. Sleep is very important for your brain because this is the time when memories and information are processed and organised in your brain.

2. Maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Blood sugar fuels your brain and healthy levels are important for its proper function. The human body can actually regulate blood sugar, but only if you eat right and on time. You can help your body maintain healthy blood glucose levels by consuming well-balanced, low-sugar, and portion-controlled meals throughout the day. You should try to snack at least every 3-4 hours.

3. Exercise. Exercise for both your body and brain is very important. Physical exercise clears the mind and releases feel good endorphines while also eliminating stress. Stress has been linked to forgetfulness so clearing your brain will improve mental focus while improving your body. Exercise for the brain is just as important. Puzzles, painting, drawing, and writing are all great brain strengthening exercises.

Contrary to popular belief, loss of memory and mental alertness does not have to go hand in hand with age. It is important to take the right steps while you are young to keep your brain working as it should.


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