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Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain - How Sitting On The Job . . .

How Sitting on the Job...
May Be Ruining Your Back, Posture & Gluts!

How bad can sitting at the office or in a car or truck all day really be? Well... it can cause several structural imbalances in your body which can actually be the cause of back, neck and shoulder pain.

Many of us find ourselves in a day-to-day work and life environment where we sit, sit, sit. We sit at work, in the car, on the couch, at the table,on a park bench. All this sitting, not only causes a marked decrease in healthy physical activity, it also leads to weight gain, muscle imbalance and yes, chronic back pain.

Below is a list of the numerous physical conditions that develop over time from prolonged sitting, and what you can do to minimize their effects.

1.The longer you sit the more likely your pelvis will flare, meaning it can rotate outward, inward, backward or downward. And it can happen on one or both sides. Even worse, you can develop a combination of these incorrect positions. For example, you can have one side rotated forward, outward and high, while the other side rotated backward, inward and low.

2.The longer you sit the more likely your glutes will flatten. This means they will weaken, as lack of use 'shuts them down.'

3.The longer you sit the tighter and more dominant your hip flexors will become in order to stabilize your pelvis. What happens is that your hip flexors will inhibit your glutes from working. That's right: your hip flexors will 'turn off' your glutes and the only way to get them going again is to minimize the sitting to restore physical balance...

This is a good time to give you a quick test. Do it slowly and in control as this may not be for everyone. So do it at your own pace and risk. If you have had a THR, DO NOT perform this activity.

Begin by putting your heels together.

Rotate your feet outward like a duck and then squeeze your butt. You should notice a very strong contraction.


Now rotate your toes inward so that your toes are touching and your heals are rotated out as far as they can go.

Now squeeze your butt. You will note much less of a contraction.

That inability to squeeze your glutes is proof that your glutes are inhibited or 'turned off' and a sure sign that you need to get your butt stronger...

Please feel free to do 10 to 20 of these toe-in glute squeezes per hour every day, to keep your glutes working.

4.The last major effect of siting is that your pelvis will tend to tip backwards. This puts undo stress on your pelvis, SI Joint, and your entire spine. It is virtually impossible to keep your pelvis in a neutral position for an entire workday, so at some point during the day you lose it and when you multiply that by 20 to 30 years... you have a life time of back related issues, unless addressed...


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Action Steps to minimize the effects of sitting at work...

When the phone rings, stand up . . . If you do not need to be typing, get out of the sitting position for 5 to 10 minutes and you will give your body a great break. In fact, talking on the phone is a great time to do the toe-in glute squeezes. How many can you do in a 10 minute call?

Change sitting positions . . . suggestions: have different settings for your desk chair, maybe a kneeling chair, sitting on a therapy ball (e.g. size 75cm) and maybe kneeling on a foam pad that puts your pelvis straight and at just the right height.Rotate them on different days.

Use Trigger Point work to release your hip flexors. The best why to do this is to seek a massage therapist; however you can use a foam roller, as well as other trigger point devices on the market, such as the Trigger Point Therapy kit.

Learn about and study about Muscle Imbalances. There is nothing more important then keeping your pelvis and spine in the most neutral and most stable positions possible.

Now that you know the ill effects of sitting all day, and what to do to correct the imbalances from it . . . Don't wait 20 or 30 years to make a change that you can do right now.


How to Maintain Good Posture and
Reduce Pain While Sitting


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While most orthodox treatments are simply band-aid approaches that only address the symptoms and give temporary relief at best, our approach address the 'hidden' underlying causes and delivers results not seen with any other treatment.


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Eliminating neck Pain

What is it?

What do we do on a daily basis? We wake up, sit down, have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. We sit in our car and drive to work. We arrive at work and sit down to work. For the next several hours we place and answer phone calls, enter data, research information and communicate with the computer. After the long day, we get back in our car and drive home. We get home, sit down and have dinner, watch the television, and go to bed. Eight hours later, press repeat. The vicious cycle begins again! Fast forward ten years later;

  • shoulder pain,
  • neck pain,
  • headaches,
  • numbness & tingling in the hands,
  • weakness in the arms & hands,
  • slumped posture,
  • rounded shoulders,
  • forward head

How we look today is the result of years of tiny adaptations frequently made to compensate for aches and pains or injuries or frequently carrying more weight on one side of the body e.g hand bag or briefcase.The aches, pains and tension signs and symptoms that you are experiencing muscle imbalance.

But why does this occur? How did this happen to me? How can I fix the problem? The basic premise here is that we become accustomed and easily adapt to our environment. Not to mention gravity is working against us.

Our body as a whole will adapt to the positions we place them in on a daily basis. The muscles in the front of our body become tight and the muscles of our upper back (around our shoulder blades) become stretched out and weak. This in turn weakens our neck muscles, and our head now drops forward.

The front neck muscles become weak and stretched out, and the back neck muscles become very tight. Remember our head attaches to our neck, and our neck attaches to our upper back and shoulders. There is constant communication among all of the parts and each part relies on the neighbor above and below it.

Where are your muscles?

 style=Muscles function properly when they are in an optimal position. Meaning muscles do not work well when they are either stretched out or very tight. When this occurs, the muscles will pull on the bones abnormally and place added stress on the discs and joints in our neck,back, and shoulders. If this occurs for a long period of time, our joints become inflamed and the discs may bulge.

When the discs bulge in our spine,they now have tendency to irritate the nerves. The nerves that supply our shoulders, arms, and hands come from our neck. So, when we experience pain and discomfort in the shoulders, arms and/or hands, the problem may be in our neck or upper back area. The great news here is that simple changes to your daily routine will dramatically influence the aforementioned issues and hopefully prevent them from occurring in the first place!

The Upper back, Neck and Shoulders

The upper back, neck and shoulders as a whole is a very complex group of joint muscle and the motions that those joints go through are even more complex. Here is what people do not understand about way the neck and shoulders work and how to get relief from any ache or pain.

The curvature of the lower spine plays a vital roll in the position and function of the upper spine, so in order to get the upper back neck and shoulder to feel right and function properly you will need to address the entire spine top to bottom.

I know that sounds like a lot of work but knowing what is wrong and how to address the problem correctly is more than half the battle.

What to do about it

X-rays and MRIs can tell you what condition you have, but not why you have the condition. They cannot they tell you the strength or the flexibility of a muscle. They cannot tell you why your pelvis, spine neck and shoulders are the way they are, and they certainly cannot tell you how your muscles are out of balance.

The only way to identify your imbalances is to go through a physical assessment designed to look specifically for muscle imbalances and associated postural dysfunctions. Once you know your postural dysfunctions, it is very easy to work backwards, because each dysfunction has a certain set of imbalances - almost like a syndrome.That is, it repeats itself consistently and predictably at any age, regardless of gender and regardless of activity level.

The only way to correct your imbalances is with very targeted corrective stretches and exercises tailored to you and your condition.The good news is that even in the worst cases; our bodies are never that far out of alignment. But if you are in pain, those imbalances need to be addressed.

What not to do about it

It is advisable for everyone not to start any exercise program without first knowing your imbalances. Here's why: If you start exercising the wrong muscles, you could strengthen a muscle group that is already too strong and worsen the imbalance. You could even stretch a muscle that does not need to be stretched and make your condition worse.

You may think you're doing yourself a favor by going to the gym and doing yoga or Pilates. You may also think that doing a balanced workout is going to keep you healthy. But that is not the case when your muscles are already out of balance.

Let's not forget about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).Yes, you may need something to ease the pain but remember that drugs do nothing to help you treat the root cause of your condition not to mention they do nothing to help your body heal its self.

Immediate steps to take if you want relief or want to prevent your profession from killing you.

  • Stop working out until you know where your imbalances are. Doing a balanced workout is going to prolong your recovery and keep you in pain.
  • Stop doing the sport or any physical activity that you enjoy doing-running, swimming, golfing, yoga, or Pilates until your know where your imbalances are.
  • Seek professional help from someone who is trained in muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions - and, no, not all health care professionals know about this approach.
  • Address your neck pain from many different perspectives because everyone is different and not all outcomes are going to be the same; look for an approach that addresses your condition from a physical, mental, and nutritional perspective.
  • Look for natural alternatives to your NSAIDs.
  • Keep an open mind about techniques you may not have heard of before, such as Muscle Balancing Therapy™
  • Do your homework. Learn about what works and what does not. When is spinal decompression appropriate for the neck? When will spinal manipulations give you the biggest benefit?

Getting started

Truth is, your body can perform the grinding work of you job and everyday stress of your life but and you do not have to live and work inconstant pain. But you cannot expect to get results if you do not take one, some or all of the corrective steps outlined below.

If you have neck pain and have been through the ringer, you will probably say one or more of the following:

'I've tried everything!

But will it work for me?...My case is different!

I don't have the time!

How can something so simple address such a complex issue?'

It's simple... restoring balance to your body is a universally excepted principle to achieving optimal health. That is what we teach and show our clients.

The first step is to make sure you get the very best and most up to date information you can on the condition, including your own experimentation with what you can tolerate and what works best for you.The second step is to find the best experts you can regarding the subject.

Having a comprehensive plan to control, controlling Oxidative stress and Systemic Inflammation is vitally important to controlling pain, so here are some considerations to start with are drinking clean water, Proteolytic Enzymes Therapy, changing your eating habits, believing that you will achieve the comfort level you desire should be the basics of your program.

Every one with neck pain has TriggerPoints and everyone should have away to administer self trigger point Therapy everyday to them self, immediately followed by and combine with Muscle Balance Therapy to restore balance and proper function of the muscles and joints.

Most forms of neck pain respond very well to cervical spinal decompression and Inversion Therapy is a viable option for neck pain suffers based on the many overall healthy benefits it has been shown to help with, just to mention a few improved circulation, stress reduction, improved range of motion.

 style=Learn to take time for your self and relax, with the use of far-infrared heat, it can help immensely, it is deep penetrating and dramatically improves the blood flow to the area in question for very quick relief and improved range of motion. Seek assistance from a qualified GeeZone masseur.

Based on article by By Dr. Robert Duvall


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