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Skin Care In The Sun... And The Rest...

We all want to enjoy the summer and sun exposure but please do so carefully. You don't want you and your loved ones to pay for it later... read on to find out more...
Have a Great Sun Safe Summer!!! :)
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During the cold weather the skin and the health suffer from harse cold wind, rain or snow and central heating which all take their toll on these areas of the body. 

During the warmer weather heat, sweating, UV rays and air conditioning also take their toll on skin and pores. 

Fact is our skin has different densities at different sites around the body. Eyes, nails, neck and hair are 10% drier than the rest of the body due to lack of sebaceous glands in these areas and therefore demand extra attention... but the rest of the face and body needs regular and caring treatment everyday, all through the year! 
As we age these needs are accentuated!

So what does it mean when people speak about about natural skin care products? 
Skin care products that are advertised "natural" may probably mean products that are free from chemical substance or may also be environmentally friendly, with plant and/or herbal additives or extracts in their ingredients. 

How do you choose natural skin care products? 
When purchasing hair care products please read the labels and make your own decisions on what level of "natural" ingredients you wish to accept in the skin care products that you use on your face and body. 
This is the most responsible way to select the best products for you.

We are all individuals and because of genetics, personal chemistry (ph and hormone levels) etc we may have a general need for certain ingredients but at different levels and this can change during the month in women (monthly cycle), during the again process and if on medication. This is why you may find yourself trying a few products whilst finding the right product for your particular skin.

Skin care therapists and dermatologists can advise you on a good skin care regime to assist with any conditions you may present at a session. It may be worth having a facial session to find out what you may be missing or even doing too much of, in your current regime to correct, treat and enhance skin.

Let's face it - excuse the pun - we all want to have the best skin possible on show! 

Our skin doesn't just hold our insides in... it is an organ and is our first defense against external environment - eliminating toxins, dead cells, balancing temperature, alerting us to health issues and much more!

Sun Protection
Sun damage does not always become apparent immediately.
Much of the damage is not apparent until years down the road. UVA rays breaks down Collagen & Elastin cells, which damage the structure of the skin. As the skin reproduces cells that are already there, if they are damaged in any way, those cells are reproduced and eventually produce symptoms like pigmentation, enlarged pores, sagging skin, wrinkling if you are lucky or in the worse-case scenario, melanoma!
UVB as many of us know is the burning rays. With the reduction of the ozone layer the rays and way more powerful than they use to be and the suggested SPF for the UK and such places need a minimum of SPF 30 every day and warmer climates SPF 50 especially for children.
Why do you need aftersun?
After sun is specifically produced to counteract immediate sun damage and assist in the production of melanin cells (the skins natural sun protection), but even dark skins need assistance, especially if not exposed to strong sun consistently. Melanin like muscles are more active when used regularly, so if you live in a country where this isn’t the case then your melanin production will be low and need assistance when the sun becomes stronger.
Sun protection Summary
Avoid strongest UV rays between 11am – 4pm.
Whilst tanning take frequent breaks from the sun and cover up
Frequent drinks of water or high  water content drinks
Protect your eyes with minimum of protection factor 400
Apply SPF 50 on all babies and toddlers
Apply Aftersun after sun exposure every day to assist in cell recovery and protection for the next exposure and rehydration of the cells

 Don’t Forget Your Hair and Eyes
Your hair and eyes need protection too. The sun can also damage the hair by obvious signs like drying and frizzing. Eyes can get UV damage too, but the skin around the eyes as many know, is very thin compared to the skin on the face and body, with hardly any fat cells, thus prone to drying out easily when there’s no sun exposure, so obviously this is multiplied during sun exposure. Add to to eye creams or gels with sun shades to prevent or not add to wrinkling and sagging around this area.

Product suggestions
Ultrasun offer full UVA/UVB & SPF 20+ protection whilst still allowing an even sun tan if required with only a once a day application. 15 minutes before sun exposure.
Ultrasun 4 Piece Anti Ageing Sun Protection Collection only £16.50 - Find out more here -
Sun Protection for Babies/Toddlers/Children, Elderly, Sensitive Skins - Ultrasun SPF 50+ High Protection Sun Cream Duo (2 x 100ml) - Find out more here -
Ultrasun Protection still once a day application, but in a gel and pump form (decant for travelling) -
Ultrasun - Once a Day Application Get your Face & Body Sun Protection Plus After Sun Care - - OR bite the bullet & get The 6 Piece Complete Suncare Collection -
Treat your tresses to Award Winning Tricologist - Hair by Philip Kingsley - Look at the range on QVCUK Special Offers -
Get that Bounce & Shine back into your hair - Suitable for all colour treated, permed, over dry, sun-damaged and coarse hair - smooth the outer layer of your hair and seal in moisture with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme 500ml (salon size) - - All items backed by 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.
Ojon, Liz Earle, Aveda and MOP also have a good range of hair protection and recovery.
Forever Ling Products also provide sun protection and after-sun care with aloe vera which provide recovery, healing and protection for the cells, whilst still allowing tanning. Aloe Sun Cream, After sun aloe lotion, A Beta Care for internal protection and melanin production and more. Check out the range here… click on link to find out more and order -
Self-tan is a good option to avoid direct tanning – look good, feel great and be safe. There are many out there on the market, but make sure you exfoliate all over first and regularly, at least twice a week, three times preferably!
Give Your Tan a head start... Safely & Easily - Devised by Leighton Denny - Sunbelievable 3 Piece Discovery Kit £27.00 2 colour options. Featuring a Self Tan Mousse, Scrub Me Body Exfoliator and Cream Me Body Moisturiser. All you need to achieve a healthy looking radiant glow. Not sticky, Odourless, Moisturising, Dry finish, Doesn’t rub off on clothes or bedlinen. Find out more here -
Sun Damage Repair
OK… so you’ve been abusing your skin for years – don’t panic… there is help out there to help skin recovery from sun damage – slackening skin, enlarged pores, pore skin tone, pigmentation etc
Brands such as Alpha-H, Gatineau, Decleor & Perricone have effective solutions for sun damaged and premature aged skin.
Gatineau - One of France's premium beauty brands & acknowledged by industry experts for its expertise & use of cutting-edge technology.
Combines science & nature to achieve the very best results for your skin, harnessing plant & marine extracts & the most innovative biotechnology... /
If you have issues with slackening skin either as a result of Weightloss, Sun Damage or Aging... Check out this great deal Gatineau 3 Piece 3D Perfect Design Concentrate & Volume Cream -
Want a non-invasive face lift? Lift eye area, refine pores & crepy skin. Gatineau 8 Piece DefiLift Eyes Gift Collection -
For Slackening, Sagging, Crepping Skin on the body (back of arms, thighs, tummy etc). Use under skin moisturiser once a day on all areas of concern & boost effects with regular exfoliation & Prolagene gel 6 months supply. Excellent for use during & after pregnancy. Decleor Aromessence Sculpt Duo (200ml) Find out more here -
Get the most out of bedtime using this luxurious anti-wrinkle night cream from Decleor. Decleor Anti Wrinkle Night Cream on 3 EZ pay option £15.78 (time sensitive) - find out more here -
SBC - Simply Beautiful Cosmetics – Salon Skin Care @ Home
Revitalise your skin with this unique range of SBC gels. Bursting with nature's finest & most effective ingredients, inc. plant extracts & essential vitamins, to help enhance & maintain the look & feel of your skin.
SBC beauty @ QVCUK - SBC Collections - SBC Problem Solvers -
Cleansing is an essential part of skin care, so make sure you are not over stripping the skin or changing the ph level of the skin, so it does not have to recover from the cleansing process. The following products do not require a toner to rebalance the skin, so if you are in a rush, but want a good cleansing that starts the treatment process… check these out
Decleor Hydra Radiance Smoothing Cleansing Mousse 100ml on 2 EZ Pay option to get it home to try it! Perfect Antiaging Very Concentrated Cleanser that exfoliates with hyaluronic acid to help preserve moisture in skin. Find out more here now (time sensitive) Go Now - Decleor range ‘ QVCUK
Elemis - Elemis 5 Piece Perfect Pro Collagen Collection, which includes their award winning cleanser – find out more here -
Bare Escentuals - Bare Escentuals Skin Care with RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex – read and find out more here -
Philosophy Hope Springs Eternal Mask  Detox, Nourish, Brighten & Revitalise with Philosophy Hope Springs Eternal Mask 142g - 2-3mins twice a week, great for all skin types, especially if you are looking to cleanse, hydrate and renew a dull, tired complexion.
Find out more here - QVCUK -
Check out the ORIGINS Natural Skincare and Cosmetic range on QVCUK -
Perricone Look your best, feel your best & enjoy beautiful skin with pioneering skincare from a practising dermatologist - Nicolas Perricone.
The next level in Skincare... using tiny amount of perricone super potent formulas, transform your skin, feel your skin changing! See the difference... Try me 6 Pc Kit More here -
Alpha-H – Balancing Cleanser, Triple Action Cleaner & Micro Cleanse
Removes dirt, make-up and clogged pores – cleanse and exfoliate whilst treating the skin
Alpha-H Professional Skincare Range - Fabulous Savings on Collections and Individual products including Iconic Liquid Gold - find out more here - QVCUK -
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Check out great deals on Health Beauty, Clothes, Shoes Accessories on eBay UK! Find out more here -

A few of the products in a few of the ranges, may contain * parabens, so please look at the ingredients before buying, especially if you have very sensitive skin or detoxing or currently treating an unbalanced skin. Although having said that, I have found that these brands are compatible to most skins that I have treated.

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Recommended Skin / Body Care Links

* Aloe Vera is an all round cleansing, healing ingredient incorporating so many much needed elements required for the balancing and creation of healthy soft tissue cells, which makes it responsible for rapid healing, as attested by the many sunburnt, burnt or injured more and more, because Aloe Vera has made a resurgence in most skin care today as scientific research as proven its results find out more here Forever Living Products

Ultrasun - Award winning Brand for Sun Safety - Once A Day Protection - Protect your skin from harmful rays with Ultrasun. Offering high level protection from UVA and UVB rays, one application is all that's needed for all-day defence.

Developed in Switzerland, Ultrasun delivers very high levels of protection against both UVA and UVB rays with just one application a day.
All of the Ultrasun products are water-resistant and will carry on protecting you even after repeated swimming, watersports and towel drying with absolutely no need to re-apply during the day.  
Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm when it is at its strongest and the risk of skin damage is high. Suitable for all skin types Free from emulsifiers, oils and perfumes, Ultrasun's range reduces any risk of allergic reactions making them ideal for those with sensitive skin. Ultrasun's non-greasy formulation leaves no oily residue so that they are absolutely non-staining and won't dirty your clothes, towels, furniture, upholstery - anything! Perfect under make-up.
* Protect your skin from the harsh environment indoors & outdoors with Decleor 4 Piece Hydration Collection £46.50... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for year round treatments use for at least a week when needed or for continuous usage.
JustUK - Swiss Skincare Based on Ingredients from Nature JustUK - Natural Herbal & Essential Oil Based Swiss Skin, Body & Hair Care
* Check Out SalonSkinCare for Bargains on PREMIUM BRAND NAME Products You'll Want To Have - find out more here - 
* Find Brands such as Eve Lom, Rodial, Nuxe, Nars, Darphin, Caudalie, Dr Sebagh, Aromatherapy Associates, anthony Logistics, Jurlique, Kiehl's, plus many more... Check them out here SpaceNK or

feelunique... Check out these fantastic prices on the best skin & health care, beauty brands & gift ideas - 
* DHC UK - For Men and Women - DHC UK Ltd - Japanese Quality Skincare

Why is Arctic Face Mist the coolest new skin care from around the world? Because... Artci Face Mist from Iceland has a refreshing and reliving cooling sensation upon application.

  • Arctic Face Mist and each of skyn ICELAND's core products contain a natural mint derivative, which creates a refreshing cooling sensation on the skin.
  • Aside from transporting you to the cool, clean and calming air in Iceland, the cooling sensation in Arctic Face Mist actually works with the micro-circulation in your skin to decrease redness and irritation. Perfect for sensitive skin and people suffering from Rosacea, acne and dehydration.
* StrawberryNet - upto 50% off Skin Care, Beauty & Fragrances Men & Women - find out more here  
Gatineau 3 Piece Body Beautiful Collection £49.50 - 1 x Vital Feeling Intense Nourishing Body Lotion (400ml) and 2 other 400ml body products - find out more here 
Elemis 4 Piece Exotic Shower Treats £55.50 - Buy this item at its lowest price ever - but hurry, this bargain... 
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* MallyMally Beauty is a collection of high-performance products that encompass simple techniques from celebrity make-up artist Mally Roncal. From gorgeous daytime simplicity to red-carpet-ready glamour, Mally has the answer with proven products that last all day.
Mally Perfect Prep Poreless Primer 28g - find out more - 
* Bare Escentuals 20 Piece 'Women of Bare Escentuals' Eye Collection - Over 60 looks for £47.28 - Chk it out here - 
Smashbox Cosmetics - SmashBox - Hollywood Catwalk Cosmetics

Laura Geller Cosmetics -

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Coughs, Colds/Flu and Hayfever getting you down... Sounds like you need some Aloe Vera Juice - Detox, Speed up healing, Build... 

Reduce Colds/Flu/Hayfever symptoms with JustUK Eucasol Spray - more details -  View More... 

Ardyss UK - Body Magic/Reshaping - Practical, Comfortable & Good Looking Foundation/Underwear -Find out more here

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Groupon vouchers can make fantastic gifts for any occasion... find out more here - 


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