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Taking Care Of Your Skin - Part 2 - Acne


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Continuing from part 1 (part one), some more skin care information and advice, courtesy of UNT Skincare.
Remember knowledge is power, but information is only beneficial if it's used and practiced.

Look out for part 3 (part three).

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Bye Bye to Acne

Anyone can get acne, but teenagers and young adults are the groups most prone to acne flare. Acne is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, which consists of
- A hair follicle,

- A sebaceous gland and

- A hair

The Sebaceous glands produce a substance called sebum (think of the sebum as the natural oily protective layer on the skin surface). When a normal follicle is healthy, the sebum produced by the sebaceous gland provides the moisture the skin needs. When the follicle is obstructed, the sebum is trapped on the way out to the surface of skin. That kind of acne is called a "comedone", also known as "whiteheads" or "blackheads".

Acne becomes inflammed due to a bateria called Propionibacterium acne that resides in our skin.

Acne prone skins tend to have more of bacteria than healthy skins, therefore they get infected more easily, turning blackheads or whiteheads into inflammatory acnes such as Pustule, Nodule or Cyst.

During the adolescence, sebaceous glands enlarge and produce abundant sebum under the influence of hormones. That is why teenagers are get acne easily. After the adolescence, the sebum production decreases, hence less acne trouble.
Anatomy of a Pore :
How Acne Develops :

However, some adults still experience severe acne problem. The main cause of acne is excessive sebum secretion. Sebaceous gland clogging is the second often seen cause.
The reasons causing clogging are three:
1. Follicle opening blocked by dead old skin
2. Excessive byproduct as the sebum breaks down
3. Dirt and dust from daily life
Other causes of adult acne may include the following:
- hormones,
- stress,
- food allergies,
- vitamin deficiency and
- lifestyle
Other than adopting a healthy life style and eating habits, there are four kinds of acne treatments to improve acne condition:
1. Oral intake of antibiotics, isotretinoin, and goserelin.
2. Topical treatment: Benzoyl peroxide, Azelaic acid, Retinoic acid, Salicylic acid, and topical antibiotics.
3. AHA Peel: Use medical grade Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to remove the dead cells and unclog pore.
4. Laser treatment:
(A) Soft light laser (Nd:YAG laser): Control Sebaceous gland secretion and thus improve the oily skin and minimize large pore.
(B) Er-YAG laser: Employ dermabrasion to lighten scars and improve skin concaves caused by acne.
(C) Vascular laser: Aim at the redness and blood vessel dilatation caused by chronic acne inflammation.

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