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Taking Care Of Your Sin - Part 4 - Cream Vs Serum


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Continuing from Part 3 of the 'Taking Care Of Your Skin' Series, we are discussing the role
and benefits of massage in skin care.

 If you missed Part 1, 2 or 3 or both find links below. Please feel free to try the advice given
in this series for 3 weeks and come back and give us your thoughts, we'd love to hear from

Remember knowledge is power, but information is only beneficial if it's used and practiced.

Look out for part 5 (part five).

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 Skin care
This stage comes after mask and skin toning lotion to lock in the moisture as discussed in
Part 1.
N.B. Serum is applied before, cream or lotion moisturiser.

Cream vs. Serum
Due to the sheer number of skincare products on the market with different consistencies, the average consumer
is often confused when selecting the most suitable product. 

In this article, we will provide you with some tools to help you make the best selection.
Let's start with the basics – what is the difference between a Serum and a Cream?

Creams have been around for a long time and are still the most popular form of skin care. Creams are typically
made by mixing oil with water. They tend to be moisturizing in action and may or may not contain active ingredients
to address specific skin concerns. 

However, all of UNT's creams contain active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, VITAMIN E, and Q10. Generally,
creams are best suited for normal and dry skin types.

Serums are the new kids on the block and are gaining loyal followers quickly. Serums tend to be more liquid-like
and are water based. This makes them lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin. UNT's serums are formulated
to deliver topical ingredients such as Fullerene, Matryxl 3000, and m-Tranexamic Acid more effectively.

Serums are a concentrated way to get key ingredients into the skin. Serums can be layered on (normally no more
than 3 at a time) without adverse effects or degrading efficacy of the ingredients. Since serums tend to be light and
water based, they are suitable for most skin types.
The bottom line: Cream or Serum?
The most important factors in determining if you should select a Serum or Cream are your skin type, weather, and
your living environment.

Cream-based skincare is most suitable for people with dryer skin since they lack moisture and are most prone to
tightness and peeling. Reinforcing skincare with cream-based products will help restore sebum and moisture to
the skin, thereby delaying the speed at which moisture escapes from the skin.

People with combination skin and those who live in island or humid environments can also use cream-based skin-
care during seasonal changes. You can reinforce your hydrating efforts by simply applying cream based products
to areas prone to dryness and peeling. People who work in air-conditioned areas can also reinforce their skincare
with cream-based products to protect skin from moisture loss.

Oily and/or acne prone skin are prone to oil and have slower renewal cycles. If you use cream-based products with
high oil content, it can cause your pores to become clogged, thereby increasing occurrence of pimples or acne. For
people with oil or acne prone skin, we would recommend that you use oil-free serums or lotions with lighter
consistencies to lock in moisture.

Basic Tip:
Regardless of whether you use serum or cream-based skincare products, we recommend that you start with products
that have lighter consistencies since they have smaller molecular sizes and are easily absorbed. Proceed to layer with
products that have heavier consistencies.

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