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Taking Care Of Your Skin - Part 1 - Basics and Cleansing


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This is the beginning of a five part skin care series to assist you with your skin care at home.
A multi billion pound industry and growing everyday, because we all want a clear, blemish
free, young and fresh complexion and in our quest for it the manufacturers have tried to supply a solution for every pocket. Unfortunately, not everyone that produces skin care, really cares about
your skin or your long-term general health.
A lot of products have synthetics in them in order to keep the price down but at what cost to your
skin in the long term. I'm a firm believer in "You get what you pay for", obviously you may get
some great bargains from time to time, but in general a good quality natural skin care will cost
more than the high street pharmacy brands. This is because of the processes used to make the
product whilst keeping the potency and efficacy of the natural herbs, plant oils, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and peptides etc (that are introduced into many skin care products to enhance the
skin) but they generally are more potent, last longer and have an accrued healing/treatment effect
on the skin and they generally guarantee effectiveness without skin reactions. I believe this is
because the skin responds amicably with synergistic elements, such as natural products, which it
can recognise and assimilate easily. This ensures by-products of chemical exchange (skin
metabolism) are less toxic thus create less toxins to be removed. If you have reactive
or sensitive skin I would recommend that you avoid any product - skin, hair, nails - which contain
any parabens (of which their are 5 main parabens in use in skin/hair care) and/or sulphates (sulphides/sulphites - form of detergent used to encourage frothy foam for cleansers.

Unfortunately we have been brain-washed into relating clean with loads of bubbles - So Not True!
Clean skin feels clean, fresh and comfortable, before moisturising. Many of these products dry and irritate the skin. If not during use, sooner after... even if you have a rather tolerant skin. Skin
conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis are ecaserbated by these ingredients and many
develop these skin conditions after years of use as they break down the skins natural immune
A Few Common Herbs, Plants and Elements associated with good skin care.  

Aloe Vera - has to be one of the most famous, used for moisturising, cooling, soothing, healing, cleansing, toning, sunburns, cuts... the list goes on. Very effective skin care product. Make sure
you get the best grade of aloe vera to get the best results. Also, increased results when taken
orally (preferrably liquid or capsule form). Recommend F.L.P.  
Green Tea - Cleansing the system - the liver, spleen, kidneys &
gut, ensure the blood stream is only carrying nutritious elements to feed skin cells and muscle
tissue around the body. Necessary for clear, healthy skin. Blotchy, sallow, pimply skin can be a
sign of poorly functioning cleansing system (live, kidney's and spleen). Detoxing with products
such as Aloe Vera of Green Tea is a good way to clean with out scouring (so to speak) although
very effective in removing mucus and impacted faecal matter, that get lodged in the intestines and bowel, affecting the efficacy of those muscles.

Royal Jelly - Is another supplement closely related to skin care especially anti-aging and healing. Incorporates pollen, B complex vitamins and propolis for energy, nutrition and immune building qualities.

Lavender, Rose, Tea Tree, Pomegranate, Lotus seed, Nettle... There are so many plant oils, roots,
leaf extracts etc that are safely and effectively used in skin care for their aromatherapy qualities of rebalancing hormones using plant hormone and directly effecting the olfactory system and ultimately the brain, effecting your mood. Commonly used as waters, tonics, creams and lotions, bath soaks, shower and skin washes.  

Water I cannot stress enough (as anyone that knows me will tell you... lol) how important water is to every cell of the body. If you want good skin, water has to be your best friend, with a close, frequent and personal relationship. Water is literally the catalyst that sets off
the metabolic process in every cell. Every healthy cell has about 80% water to assist in effective
and efficient function and reproduction.  

Remember - Hair, Eyes & Nails are generally 10 times drier than the skin and you are likely to
be dehydrated well before you feel thirsty!
Steaming/Facial sauna This is great for opening up the pores after cleansing and encouraging
skin circulation. Speeding up delivery of fresh nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells for healthy
skin cell reproduction. Helps to  regulate oil production. Again essential oils can be added
approx. 3 drops per litre. Frankincense and Myrrh are excellent for healing and rehydrating skin!  

Exfoliation From pubity (say around 12 years old), exfoliation should be introduced to the skin
care regime to get rid of dead skin residue and encourage skin regeneration. This will ensure less
pore blockages, black-heads, white-heads and breakouts. Home made scrubs can be made from
tspn of salt or fine ground sugar, tblspn veg oil, tspn of honey stir and apply in gentle but from
circular motion. 1 drop of tea tree, rose or lavender can be used for calming, soothing, healing, antibacterial, toning and relaxing effect on skin. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. a mask can
applied at this point, before treatment (serum) and  moisturising. For best results exfoliation
should be done twice a week.
Masks This is usually the stage when any treatments are given
during the mask application stage. This should be done immediately after exfoliation when
pores are open and mask can be most effective. Drawing out dirt, excess oil and grime from
pores; moisturising; rehydrating; anti-aging; pigmentation treatments are all addressed at this

Moisturising/Hydration This stage completes the regime by literally sealing moisture
into the skin. and so is best applied to skin whilst it is still damp (not wet), to ensure moisture
is retained despite the consistent dehyradration throughout the day, through breathing, sweating, environment e.t.c The earlier these habits are formed the better!!!! It is the responsibility of the
adults to pass on and encourage healthy practices in the youngsters I hope this information will
be of use to you to at least get an idea of how to look after your skin for your skin's and your well-being! Men, Women & Kids! Below is some more detailed skin care information and
advice, courtesy of UNT Skincare.
Remember knowledge is power, but information is only beneficial if it's used and put into practice.
Look out for part 2 (part two). Be Healthy, Be Happy... Keep Your vibes positive! Stay Grateful, Loving, Happy & Blessed, Love, light & abundance, Gee!
Cleansing/make up removal Selecting the Right Makeup Remover You may spend more time putting on makeup than removing makeup, but makeup removal is just as important! When the majority of makeup on the market is oil-based and full of chemicals, it is important to use an appropriate makeup remover to remove all traces of makeup without leaving residue. When makeup is not removed thoroughly, it will not only block your pores which lead to pimples, blackheads, and acne, but also damage your skin. With a dizzying array of makeup removers on the market, it can be hard to know which ones to use. Follow this simple chart to find the right combination to ensure all trace of makeup is thoroughly removed to help you achieve healthy and radiant skin!  

Heavy Makeup (Long wear, water-resistant, waterproof) Eye and lip makeup often consist of water resistant and waterproof ingredients which burden the skin if not properly removed. When removing eye makeup, be very gentle as the skin on the eye area is the thinnest and most sensitive area of the face. Tip: When removing makeup from lids and brows, gently wipe off with cotton ball or soft tissue, working from inner corner to outer corner of the eye. Do not rub or drag the skin, as these actions will result in premature formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Light makeup Non-oily gel makeup removers are ideal for people with oily skin. The light texture does not burden the skin with oil content, making it suitable for people who have overactive sebaceous glands. Heavy Makeup (Long wear, water-resistant, waterproof) Makeup removal oil employs the chemical principle "like dissolves like". It is most suitable for removing long-wear and water-resistant makeup. Light-Medium Makeup With high oil content, the rich and moisturizing cold cream is suitable for dry and mature skin. The nourishing cream will condition you towards recovery from harsh beauty products. Massage thoroughly on face until makeup dissolves. Wipe off with tissue. Repeat until clean. If you do not use makeup, a facial cleanser is sufficient. If you use water resistant sunscreen or light makeup, then a makeup remover is essential to avoid pore clogging. Natural shea, cocoa butter, nut or vegetable based cleansers are good for all skin types for gentle and effective cleansing. Test Your Cleanser Wait 10 minutes after makeup removal and cleansing. If your skin is smooth without feeling taut, then the makeup remover and cleanser you are using is suitable for your skin. If your skin feels tight, dry and taut with traces of grease or film, we would recommend that you invest in new cleansing and makeup removal products.  

* Don't let your makeup remover stay on your face too long! The act of removing makeup should be completed within 3 minutes from start to finish. After removing makeup, it is important to finish the job with facial cleanser. Sometimes people skip washing their face after removing makeup thinking that their skin is sufficiently clear. This is not good for your skin as leaving makeup removing products on your face for long periods will not only burden but clog your pores.
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