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Gunnar Optiks - Digital Eyewear



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I wanted to share this information with you, as I'm guessing like myself you are in front of a digital screen of some sort for a substantial amount of time everyday - computer, laptop, T.V., Archos, video games, nitendo, Xbox 360, PS3's etc. Literally frying your eyes. If like me you have noticed the deterioration of your eyesight since using these digital equipment on a regular basis. Then it's in your interest to take a few minutes to read below.
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Digital Eye Protection

Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses

GUNNAR Optiks produces Digital Performance Eyewear, an optical solution that enhances and improves any screen viewing experience. An innovative solution with patent pending i-AMP technology, GUNNARs provide both immediate and long term benefits to the wearer. With enhanced contrast, increased detail perception, improved ocular microclimate, and reduction in overall glare, the eyewear gives the ultimate viewing experience. Engineered for the most demanding computer users, anyone in front of a screen can benefit from the technology pioneered by GUNNAR.


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All Nighter? Go Longer, Faster, and Harder with GUNNAR Optiks (for your eyes)  What're all those hours staring at a screen doing to your eyes? GUNNAR Optiks Hardcore Technophile? Get the most out of your technology with GUNNAR Optiks.
UPGRADE YOUR EYES with GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear  Road Warrior Approved - GUNNAR Optiks Digital Performance Eyewear See Faster - GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear
Computer Eye Strain? Get GUNNAR Optiks  Outdoor Digital Eyewear - GUNNAR Optiks See clearly - GUNNAR Optiks

Stop Frying Your Eyes!
 GUNNAR - Digital Performance Eyewear

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