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Mannatech - Glyconutrients

Mannatech Glyconutrients

What every body needs - Video

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Mannatech Glyconutrients
Global Benefit to Humanity
Every body can benefit from better nutrition. This realisation has triggered a global Wellness Revolution, and it's changing the lives of people around the world. Mannatech is on the cutting edge of new technologies that provide what every body needs for optimal health.

Mannatech was founded to provide a vehicle for those who desire a 'purpose driven' opportunity that addresses the two biggest concerns families everywhere face: optimising their health and their finances. Be a part of something meaningful.


The Science of Wellness

Pollutants, questionable farming practices, stress - these factors increasingly contribute to a growing healthcare crisis. Around the world people from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life often face the same issues - a decreasing quality of life and wellness. But there still is time to help guard yourself against these dangers.

Mannatech has championed revolutionary discoveries designed to help boost your body's ability to stay healthy. Inspired by Aloe Vera saccharide research and the exploding field of glycobiology, Mannatech developed the first glyconutritional dietary supplement, Ambrotose® complex, in 1996.

To maintain a healthy body, cells must continually 'talk' to each other. Their form of communication is one of touch; written in molecules known as glycoforms – the equivalent of a cellular alphabet – on the cell’s surfaces. Depending on whether sugars combine with protein or fat molecules, they form glycoproteins or glycolipids respectively. Glycoscience is the broad term for the study of structure and function of sugars (glyco) in the body. These healthy sugars are the foundation of glyconutrients, ingredients found in Mannatech’s proprietary products created to help our individual cells communicate.

You may not be receiving these beneficial saccharides in the right amounts from the food you eat. That's where Mannatech offers hope. Mannatech leads the industry in glyconutrient technology around the world and strives to offer better solutions for global health.

Optimal Health


Overall wellness begins with cell-to-cell communication which promotes optimal health throughout your body. The Mannatech Optimal Health System is designed to deliver the nutrients, including glyconutrients--or plant-based monosaccharides--that your cells need to 'talk' to one another and to support your immune system. The Optimal Health System protects your cells with antioxidants, nourishes your body with vitamins and minerals and supports your hormonal systems to keep your body in balance. Choose the option that is right for you for total wellness!

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Skin Care

Mannatech knows that having healthy skin is a vital part of maintaining wellness. That’s why the Mannatech Optimal Skin Care System is designed to help nurture and hydrate your skin to promote a more youthful radiance at the cellular level.
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Wellness Management


Sometimes it's smart to target certain areas of your body for a little extra help and support. Mannatech's Wellness Management products let you deliver targeted nutrients that help you keep all of your body's systems healthy. It's smart to have all your systems stay in peak condition with our Wellness Management products!

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Growth Essentials


Mannatech's glyconutrient and phytonutrient supplements are especially formulated for children in their growth years - and they supply the nutrients missing from life in the fast-food lane.

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Performance Nutrition


Whether you are working out or just working hard, you don't need the 'sugar rush' that average sports supplements and energy bars deliver. You need an activity supplement that satisfies your thirst and increases your endurance for optimal physical performance and muscle development.


GlycoLEAN® Body System


The GlycoLEAN® Body System is not just another line of diet products. It is a fat-loss, weight-management system designed to help you optimise your body’s composition and performance by focusing on losing fat, not just pounds.


Business Opportunity

Make Mannatech Your Partner for Health
Hope, Health and Opportunity: these are the three components of a successful and happy life. Mannatech helps make these goals attainable through progressive, scientifically-proven nutritional products. Our goal is to empower you with the nutrients your body needs to stay fit, active and successful. Take control of your health and share wellness solutions with others by learning more about Mannatech's cutting-edge technologies which help provide what every body needs for optimal health.


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