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The Bee Products - Health Benefits

HONEY For Skin, Body & Bones

Most of us realize the simple uses of honey - it is commonly used for cooking and as a sweetening agent. But honey is not just great in food or beverage, it has multiple uses. It can be used on the skin - especially the face, as a cheap and highly effective moisturiser.

If it is applied every night to the skin and left on for at least five minutes, your skin will be much more supple and smooth in only days. It is also a lot cheaper than most moisturizers available today, without all of the chemical ingredients. it can also be added a bath along with milk to give your skin the same smooth feeling over.

Honey can also be used as an antiseptic to treat wounds and small burns. If you are out camping and have nothing else available, a little honey put on the wound will ensure that no dirt or bacteria enter it and cause an infection.

Honey is also great for your body. Ingesting it will cleanse your body, especially if put in tea. This sweetening agent helps your body balance itself internally and can also aid in calcium absorption. And because honey is such easily digestible food it helps your body get rid of toxins and can ease constipation. If your have a cold or sore throat honey can be mixed with hot water and a little lemon to ease the irritation.

Surprisingly, new studies have also found that honey may help ease arthritis.Try mixing one part honey, two parts warm water, and a tablespoon of cinnamon and massage it on the part of the body with arthritis. For those suffering from chronic arthritis it should be drank with water and cinnamon every day.

Even though honey has such a wide array of uses, it still remains inexpensive. Depending on where you live, you may even have a honey farm nearby.

It is best to use honey that is pure, natural and unpasteurized.

Try Manuka honey - excellent for immune enhancement.



Bee products are amazing and natural products which have many uses. Bee Pollen is great to take alone or with meals to enhance your immune system and give you energy. Also many cosmetics are now made from bee products, and many lipsticks and lip balms now contain beeswax. Although these bee products have multiple uses, honey may be the most substantial of all because it has so many uses, many of which remain unknown to most of the population.


Bee Pollen Found To Cure Allergies

Article May 23, 2008

Allergies occur when your body reacts to something that does not cause a problem for most people. It is an adverse reaction to something in our environment such as pollen or grass. Most people who have allergies are affected by them in the spring, when the trees are producing pollen, grass is growing and being mowed. There is also more dust in the air. Symptoms of allergies include sneezing, a stuffed up nose, coughing,red eyes and itchy skin. Common allergic diseases include asthma, hayfever and eczema.

Some people have a genetic predisposition to develop allergies, but a large number of people are now developing allergies for reasons not completely known. Some argue that increased obsession with personal cleanliness may be tampering with our natural immune system making us more susceptible to allergic reactions. Global warming also has an impact because of the changing climate that our bodies are not used to. Another reason could be the high amounts of pesticides, herbicides, colouring, and other additives in our food, which is largely refined and/or processed.

Most doctors will suggest those suffering from allergies take an antihistamine which is said to reduce the symptoms. Fortunately, there are more natural way that may help ease allergies without resorting to over the counter drugs. Taking a multivitamin along with high doses of vitamin C will stimulate the immune system, letting your body build up a defense against the irritants.

Ironically bee pollen has also found to have a positive effect on allergies. The pollen is what many people are having their reaction to, ingesting it may help immunise the body. By taking a dose of what ails you your body has a chance to build up its defenses to fight it off. Bee pollen also contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins and nutrients. In one study, individuals were given bee pollen for three years and 94% of them remained allergy free.

Though bee pollen may be worth a shot, if you suffer from allergies, be extremely wary of any potential allergic reactions.

Those that have allergies to bees should not take any bee products.

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