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Massage - The Benefits Of

The Benefits of Regular Massage

Stress is statistically (97%) and scientifically the highest underlying reason behind virtually all common illnesses and conditions we suffer in today's world.

Massage is one of the world's oldest form of non invasive treatment used to ease aches and pains and many other conditions for thousands of years. Every great society has used it in varying forms to treat health issues. The Egyptians, The Greeks, The Chinese and many others have developed various forms and techniques which have been passed down and further developed with the aid of science to assist in healing. So much so, that the medical world are now becoming more forthcoming in suggesting that it should be used in palliative care to assist in client treatment.

Massage physically breaks down tension, lactic acid and congestion in the treated area and with the increased circulation it removes the lactic acid, toxins etc from the areas through the blood stream to be removed via the elimination organs and processes, whilst restoring nourishment, oxygen etc in the fresh blood supply to the area, ensuring better healing. Muscles are less tight, stiffness if generally removed, skin and muscle have fresh blood supply, a mild exfoliation for skin, area feels lighter and there's a general sense of well-being.

Mentally, massage calms, relaxes, refreshes and soothes the mind and emotions. This in turn produce the hormones to promote a sense of well-being and balance. Clients generally report feeling relaxed and sleepy or refreshed and awake, depending on the type of massage treatment given.
  • To maximize the benefits of massage in which ever form, it is vital that plenty of water is consumed along with a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure proper elimination of toxins and stimulation of body systems into proper normalized functions – which aids the healing process. Exercise and fresh air are also very important, as is regular body brushing or exfoliation and moisturising. Sun-protection is again vital, especially in these days of low ozone protection. Remember your skin is your first line of defense for external aggressors.
  • Treatments will stimulate a reaction in the body, which can vary, being experienced as energizing or stimulating, relaxing or sedate or no reaction. A gap of a minimum of 4 days should be left between treatments to allow the body systems to work through the processes stimulated by the treatments.
  • Personal one-to-one basis with each client.
  • Referrals from NHS, G.P. and other health care providers accepted.
  • All data protected. Full discretion afforded, which is why quite a number of celebrities have taken advantage of the treatments and services GeeZone have to offer.
  • New clients have an initial consultation, to establish a medical history, general health, etc. and establish what results can be achieved and also to rule out any contraindications (reasons why treatment cannot be performed).

What are the benefits, both mentally and physically, of your various services?

The benefits of massage are too numerous to fit here. An extremely basic list of benefits reads like the following:

  • Improved flow of lymphatic fluid throughout your body for better cleansing of toxins.
  • Improved breathing so as to provide a rich supply of oxygen to your blood as well as to balance your nervous system.
  • Relaxation of your nervous system allowing for the production of endorphins, which play an important role in healing and pain management.
  • Improved flow of nutrient rich oxygenated blood throughout your body.
  • Improved mobility and flexibility as well as relief of muscle tension and stress.
  • Improved balance in your Body, Mind & Spirit.
These are just some of the basic benefits. Above all, after a session your mind is more clear, quiet and focused. When mixed with the above, one turns on the bodies natural healing & stress managing power, which is turn provides the best healing environment for your body.

Consultation Form

Required for all massage treatments to rule out contra-indications
reasons why treatment should not be given e.g pregnancy, cancer,
shortly after surgery etc (see Massage Therapies). Medical history
is obtained and general lifestyle, information the therapist may use
during treatment and used to advise on after treatment care.
Consultation form

Contra-indications, contra-restrictions & contra-actions - What are they and what do they mean?


Recommended for all soft tissue and stress related conditions
e.g. asthma, diabetes, arthritis e.t.c. Works directly with the nervous system
so is excellent for relaxation, stress relief, some instant relief from minor aches
and pains and for rebalancing the hormonal system and addressing all the
organs in the body at one treatment.
- £40 - 55mins

Swedish Massage

Deep, medium and gentle tissue massage for breaking down
congestion and tension, drainage/elimination (lactic acid),
enhance immune system, relaxation and refreshing.
Remedial & relaxation!

Prices vary according to treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage

Customised blends of essential oils mixed
specifically for the individual client £1 p/m + £5
Therapeutic grade Oils blends for sale from £7 - 10ml
£10 - 30ml
20 Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Indian Head Massage

Recommended for sedentary lifestyles, computer strain,
eye problems, headaches, head/neck/shoulder tension,
thinning hair, hair growth problems, improved circulation,
upper back problems (trapezius) from £25 - 20mins

Baby, Toddler, Child / Maternity Massage

Customised massage techniques developed for young children
and babies. Maternity massage depending on contra-indications
and individual reactions from 1st trimester through to delivery

GeeZone Thai Massage Therapy

An adaptation of the Thai techniques combined with
Swedish techniques including stretching, toxin breakdown,
reduce tension, enhance circulation and
decongest nerve endings - £1 p/m

Infra Red Lamp Therapy

Breakdown toxins, speeds up tissue healing and
elimination. Recommended for all soft tissue
injuries and conditions (acne to wounds to arthritis to muscular injuries) - £1 p/m

Chi Machine Therapy

Rebalance energy channels, loosen tightened
muscles around neck, pelvis and spine,
aids weight reduction - £1 p/m

Muscle Imbalance Therapy

Focus on identifying and constructing exercise plan
to restore balance to imbalanced muscle groups causing
recurrent aches and pains - £1 p/m.

Trigger Points Therapy

Focus on identifying and breaking down knots/congestion/scar
tissue inactive, referred and latent trigger points, in muscle
tissue to relieve chronic aches and pains. Regular sessions
required initially for best results. Recommended for sciatica,
upper back and shoulder, hip pains - £1 p/m.

More information on Massage Therapies see Massage Therapies

GeeZone - all treatments above are available at GeeZone

Aftercare Advice

After Care - Immediate Aftercare - Plenty of rest (sleep if possible) and drink plenty of fluids (especially water and herbal/fruit teas) for the rest of the day. Do not bathe or shower treated area for 6hrs after aromatherapy treatment. Eat a light meal if hungry. Avoid alcohol, exertion and stress.

Homecare - Look into a core strengthening /stretching /breathing focused type of exercise such as Pilates, Yoga, swimming or power stretching, if suitable. Apply sun-block 25+ daily on all exposed areas.

Exfoliation - face, body & feet - at least once a week to improve general circulation and improve skin tone and elasticity. Grounded sea salt mixed (tbsp) with honey (tbsp) and olive oil (tsp) - a lovely nourishing and moisturising scrub base. Essential oils can be added for treatment.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit & veg (as raw as possible) and drink plenty of water and herbal teas (there are plenty of pleasant flavoured teas on the market).

Puffiness around wrist and ankles - massage around wrist and ankles towards heart, twice daily after shower or bathing with moisturising body oil, lotion or cream to encourage lymph drainage.

Avoid stressful situations wherever possible.

Smile - (this instantly changes your vibration try it & see) & Stay POSITIVE!!

Watch your Words - They have creative Power!!!

The GeeZone

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Indian Head from £25 (20mins)

Reflexology £40 (55mins)

Neck, Upper Back and Shoulder*

Lower Back*


Foot/lower Leg massage*

& Threading from £5

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