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Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera goes by many names such as the Miracle Plant or the Burn Plant.

Its therapeutic advantages and properties have survived more than 5,000 years, during which this amazing herb has benefited mankind. Although there are over 200 species of aloe, Aloe Vera Barbadensis (Miller), which is also known as Aloe Vera (Linne), is the most potent.

Although Aloe Vera Barbadensis looks like a cactus, it is in fact a member of the lily family and is related to the garlic, onion and asparagus. It takes approximately four years for the Aloe Vera Barbadensis to reach maturity, then and the content of its leaves (a mixture of inner gel and outer sap) can be harvested.

The International Aloe Science Council is an independent American regulatory body which monitors the quantity and quality of aloe in products. If their Seal of Approval actually appears on the container (not simply a claim), it is bona-fide!

Unfortunately many products on the market labelled Aloe Vera juice may contain only a small amount or proportion of Aloe. If you are in doubt, look for the Seal of Approval.

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Aloe Vera Barbadensis has adaptogenic properties, which mean that the body will take from it what it requires and so the benefits vary from person to person. It also provides a rich cocktail of nutritional elements, whose combined action and balance produce a more powerful effect, enhancing each other and working as a team (known as “synergism”).

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Aloe Science

Inside an Aloe Vera Leaf

Aloe Vera contains over 75 known ingredients, which can be divided into the following groups:

Vitamins: Aloe Vera contains many, the most important being the antioxidant vitamins C & D and Beta Carotene (the precursor of Vitamin A). Aloe Vera is also one of the few plant sources in the world of Folic Acid and Vitamin B12.

Minerals: Aloe Vera contains the important antioxidant selenium, as well as magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, chromium, calcium, sodium and potassium.

Amino Acids: Aloe Vera provides 7 of the 8 essential amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the body and therefore have to be consumed as food. Apparently the human body requires 22 amino acids (which are the building blocks of proteins) and Aloe Vera provides 20 of them.

Sugars: Including mucopolysaccharides.

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