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Chinese Teas - Health and Weight Loss Benefits

Chinese Tea - Health and Weight Loss Benefits

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Hi Friends,
After the over indulgences of the Christmas festivities, you may feel the need to Start the New Year right, by dropping those unwanted pounds. 
Many of us have heard of, if not tried green tea because of it's reported high antioxidant content and it's detoxifying properties.
Below you can find out more about the amazing benefits of Chinese tea on health in general but even more so, their fantastic effects on reducing fat in the body (along with toxins).
Also check out the links below to discover these amazing tricks, tips and advice that can help you lose weight/fat!
N.B. We do require fat (trans fats, lipids) for sebum, sebaceous cells, brain, joints, skin & even muscle function.
Have A Wonderful & Abundantly Happy, Healthy & Prosperous  
New Year!
Love and Light...
Gee! :)
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An Introduction to Chinese Tea

China is the homeland of tea. Different types of tea such as Wulong (Wu-long or Oolong), green tea and black tea are consumed by it's population on daily basis. It is believed that China has tea-shrubs as early as five to six thousand years ago, and human cultivation of tea plants dates back two thousand years. Tea from China, along with her silk and porcelain, began to be known the world over more than a thousand years ago and has since always been an important Chinese export. At present more than forty countries in the world grow tea with Asian countries producing 90% of the world's total output. All tea trees in other countries have their origin directly or indirectly in China. The words for tealeaves or tea as a drink in many countries are derivatives from the Chinese character "cha." The Russians call it "cha'i", which sounds like "chaye" (tea leaves) as it is pronounced in northern China, and the English word "tea" sounds similar to the pronunciation of its counterpart in Xiamen (Amoy). The Japanese character for tea is written exactly the same as it is in Chinese, though pronounced with a slight difference. The habit of tea drinking spread to Japan in the 6th century, but it was not introduced to Europe and America till the 17th and 18th centuries. Now the number of tea drinkers in the world is legion and is still on the increase.
People throughout China drink tea daily. Because of the geographic location and climate, different places grow various kinds of tea. The most conspicuous content in China's tea culture is the popular phrase "Ke Lai jin Cha" which means when a guest arrives, a cup of tea will be brewed for him. In the past dynasties, people not only formed a special way of tea-drinking, but also developed an art form called tea-drinking. This art form comprises of many aspects. The most noticeable ones are the making of tea, the way of brewing, the drinking utensils such as tea pot. Tea drinking is so popular in every part of the country that there is a museum specially dedicated to the tea culture in China. It is located in Hangzhou, the hometown of Longjin Tea (dragon well tea). In Hangzhou, there is a tea museum, the only national museum of its kind. In it, there are detailed description of the historic development of tea, making and brewing methods and the like.

Chinese Tea Classifications
Although there are hundreds of varieties of Chinese tea, they can mainly be classified into five categories. The classifications are determined by the method of processing the tea. The five types are green tea, black tea, brick tea, scented tea, and Wulong / Wu-long (Oolong) tea.

Green Tea:
Green Tea is the most natural of all Chinese tea classes. It's picked, natural dried, and then fried briefly (a process called "killing the green") to get rid of it's grassy smell. Fermentation process is skipped. Green Tea has the most medical value and the least caffeine content of all Chinese tea classes. Aroma is medium to high, flavor is light to medium. About 50% of China's teas is Green tea.
Black Tea:
Chinese Black tea produces a full-bodies amber when brewed. Black tea undergoes withering (drying), left to ferment for a long while, and then roasted. Black tea leaves become completely oxidized after processing.
Black tea has a robust taste with a mild aroma. It contains the highest amount of caffeine in Chinese tea classes.
Brick Tea (Compressed Tea)
Most Chinese Compressed Tea uses Black Tea as base tea. It's steamed and compressed into bricks, cakes, columns and other shapes.
Compressed Tea has all the characteristics of Black Tea. It can be stored for years and decades. Aged Compressed Tea has a tamed flavor that Compressed Tea fans would pay huge price for.
Scented/Flower Tea
Chinese Flower Tea is an unique class of Chinese tea. It subdivides into Flower Tea and Scented Tea.
Flower Tea is a simple concept that dried flowers are used, without much processing, to make tea. Scented Tea uses green tea, red tea as base and mix with scent of flowers.
Chinese Flower Tea has light to medium flavor and medium to strong aroma.
Wulong Tea / Wu-long (Oolong Tea)
Wulong / Wu-long tea, which combines the freshness of green tea and the fragrance of black tea, is becoming popular with more and more people. A good Wulong is both refreshing and delicious; the Wulong spectrum has a range of aromas and tastes quite distinct from anything you get with green or black tea. It is also popular for its medical benefits, including assisting the body building process and in dieting. Like other tea, Wulong is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols. These help prevent cancer, keep the heart healthy and aid general well-being. Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan are the major producers of this kind of tea. Wulong tea grows on cliffs. Harvesting this type of tea is very difficult, which makes it the most precious. Wulong tea is gaining popularity in China, and Wulong tea in soft bottle packaging can be easily purchased.


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Tea Production 

A new tea-plant must grow for five years before its leaves can be picked and, at 30 years of age, it will be too old to be productive. The trunk of the old plant must then be cut off to force new stems to grow out of the roots in the coming year. By repeated rehabilitation in this way, a plant may serve for about l00 years.

For the fertilization of tea gardens, soya-bean cakes or other varieties of organic manure are generally used, and seldom chemical fertilizers. When pests are discovered, the affected plants will be removed to prevent their spread, and also to avoid the use of pesticides. 

The season of tea-picking depends on local climate and varies from area to area. On the shores of West Lake in Hangzhou, where the famous green tea Longjing (Dragon Well) comes from, picking starts from the end of March and lasts through October, altogether 20-30 times from the same plants at intervals of seven to ten days. With a longer interval, the quality of the tea will deteriorate. 

A skilled woman picker can only gather 600 grams (a little over a pound) of green tea leaves in a day. 
The new leaves must be parched in tea cauldrons. This work , which used to be done manually, has been largely mechanized. Top-grade Dragon Well tea, however, still has to be stir-parched by hand, doing only 250 grams every half hour. The tea-cauldrons are heated electrically to a temperature of about 25oC or 74oF. It takes four pounds of fresh leaves to produce one pound of parched tea.
The best Dragon Well tea is gathered several days before Qingming (Pure Brightness, 5th solar term) when new twigs have just begun to grow and carry "one leaf and a bud." To make one kilogram (2.2 lbs) of finished tea, 60, 000 tender leaves have to be plucked. In the old days Dragon Well tea of this grade was meant solely for the imperial household; it was, therefore, known as "tribute tea". 

For the processes of grinding, parching, rolling, shaping and drying other grades of tea various machines have been developed and built, turning out about 100 kilograms of finished tea an hour and relieving the workers from much of their drudgery.

Ten Most Famous Chinese Tea

· Longjing: Produced at Longjing village near the West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.
· Biluochun: Produced at Wu County, Jiangsu.
· Huangshanmaofeng: Produced at Mt. Huangshan in Anhui.
· Junshan Silver Needle: Produced at Qingluo Island on Dongting Lake.
· Qimen Black Tea: Produced at Qimen County in Anhui.
· Liuan Guapian: Produced at Liuan County in Henan.
· Xinyang Maojian: Produced at Xinyang, Henan.
· Duyun Maojian: Produced at Duyun Mountain, Guizhou.
· Wuyi Rock Tea: Produced at Wuyi Mountain, Fujian.
· Tieguanyin: Produced at Anxi County, Fujian.

Tea the Chinese Art of Drinking

Naturally Boost Your Metabolism and Burn More Calories With Okuma’s Wu-Long Slimming Tea

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If you’ve ever wanted a convenient way to boost your metabolism, automatically burn more calories, and start shedding fat up to 43% faster, then look no further than authentic Wu-Long Tea, the World’s #1 Fat-Burning Diet Tea.

In the past few years, at least 37 different scientific studies published in independent journals have proven the many health benefits of Wu-Long Tea. It just so happens that one of the biggest health benefits of all is natural weight loss!

It sounds crazy. After all, how could something as simple (and enjoyable) as drinking tea help burn fat? Or at least that’s what I thought when I first came across Wu-Long Tea.

As it turns out, Wu-Long Tea is bursting with what are called “catechins” and “polyphenols” – naturally occurring antioxidants that help to boost metabolism and burn fat.

At first, scientists were skeptical of the slimming effects of Wu-Long Tea, so they conducted a series of tests to discover the truth. The results were pleasantly surprising. In one case, they found that…

Wu-Long Tea Burned 2½ Times As Many Calories As Green Tea!

This particular study was conducted by scientists from Japan’s University of Tokushima School of Medicine and published in the Journal of Medical Investigation.
What they found was amazing: People who regularly consumed Wu-Long Tea experienced more than double the calorie-burning results of those who drank the same amount of authentic Japanese green tea.
What’s more, the CBS Evening News reported, “Polyphenols in Wu Long Tea are believed to increase energy expenditure (EE) translating to a 35-43% increase in fat burning.”
This by itself should be enough to persuade most people of the benefit of regularly drinking Wu-Long Tea. After all, who wouldn’t like to burn fat up to 43% faster? And yet its fat-burning qualities are…

Only a Small Part of the Benefits of Drinking Wu-Long Tea!

For instance, let me tell you about a fascinating study scientists conducted at the Suntory Research Center in Osaka, Japan. They decided to study the effects of Wu-Long Tea on the absorption of carbohydrates.
As you probably know, eating a lot of carbs all at once can cause your blood sugar to spike. And when your blood sugar spikes, an insulin spike is sure to follow.
If your pancreas releases too much insulin (which is a common problem for a lot of folks), you’ll then experience low blood sugar. And, when your blood sugar drops, you may feel the urge to eat even more carbs!
And thus begins a pattern of MORE eating, MORE insulin, MORE low blood sugar, and on and on in a vicious cycle that can “pile on” the fat.
I'm sure many of us have experienced this, and it’s no fun!
So, what if Wu-Long Tea could help break this cycle? That’s what the Japanese scientists set out to discover. And they were not disappointed.
Here’s what they found: Drinking premium Wu-Long Tea 15 minutes before eating carbohydrates helps to reduce the insulin spike you would normally experience after eating carbs.
Obviously, if there is less insulin being pumped out, you won’t get low blood sugar or feel the urge to eat more food. Which means…

Wu-Long Tea Helps Curb Cravings 2 Ways!

First, drinking Wu-Long Tea 15 minutes before meals helps eliminates “carb cravings” by regulating insulin spikes — which solves a big problem for a lot of overweight people.
And second, drinking Wu-Long Slimming Tea in between meals will make you feel full and content, which will help you avoid unhealthy mid-meal snacking.
This is why so many people finally start to see their weight dropping when they start drinking Wu-Long Slimming Tea.
They’re naturally burning more calories (because Wu-Long raises metabolism) … AND… they’re eating fewer calories (because Wu-Long helps to moderate unhealthy cravings).
It is not uncommon for new Wu-Long Tea drinkers to begin losing 1 lb a week. We strongly recommend that you use the tea in combination with a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and also get regular exercise. This will obtain optimum results.
You can check out Okuma's blog here more tips and tricks to help you along the way.

For Best Results, Choose Only Authentic Wu-Long Tea

We get our Wu-Long Tea straight from Anxi County in the Fujian Province of China.

Why is this so important?

Because Anxi is known as the Tea Capital of China. They grow some of the highest quality tea in the world. What’s more, this particular place is famous for its specific variety of Wu-Long Tea!

Every time you drink a cup of Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea, you can be 100% confident that you’re getting high-quality Wu-Long Tea… without any fillers.

This is why Okuma’s Wu-Long Slimming Tea is so unique. It’s made only from authentic Wu-Long Tea from the Tea Capital of the World. (Very few makers of Wu-Long Tea can say this.)

You can find other sources of Wu-long/Oolong Tea (loose or bags) on the web. There are a few links below at good prices.

5 More Powerful Reasons to Drink Wu-Long Tea:

In addition to weight loss, multiple scientific studies confirm that Wu-Long Slimming Tea:

1 – Clears Up Skin Conditions & Gives Your Face a Healthy Blemish-Free Glow

Researchers from Japan’s Shiga University of Medical Science found that drinking Wu-Long Tea daily clears up skin within as few as 30 days. (Source: Archives of Dermatology).

2 – Reverses Signs of Aging & Reduces Free Radicals by 50% Within 15 Days
Free radicals have been linked to signs of aging, including wrinkles, skin blemishes, and even cancer. Fortunately, Wu-Long Tea significantly reduces free radicals in the body and helps slow down (and even reverse) signs of aging.

In fact, in a 2004 study conducted by Dr. Kenichi Yanagimoto and colleagues from the University of California, Davis, it was found that people who drank Wu-Long daily experienced a remarkable 50 percent reduction in free radicals within just 15 days!

3 – Promotes Strong, Healthy Teeth & Prevents Cavities
A new study from the Department of Dentistry at Japan’s Osaka University shows the regular consumption of Wu-Long strengthens teeth and helps prevent tooth decay by significantly inhibiting plaque build-up.

4 – Strengthens Your Immune System & Helps Prevent Sickness
According to a 2004 study, test subjects who consumed Wu-Long were found to have stronger immune systems and significantly lower risk for infections such as the common cold. (Source: Antioxidants & Redox Signaling).

5 – Enhances Mind-Body Wellness & May Even Improve Longevity

Perhaps the most notable testament to the power of Wu-Long comes from the esteemed Chinese pharmaceutical book Bencao Shiyi (The Compendium of Materia Medica), which says the tea “will make one live long and stay in good shape.”

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