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3 Hormones You MUST Address For Fast Fat Loss

3 Homones You MUST Address For Fast Fat Loss
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After the over indulgences of the Christmas festivities, you may feel the need to Start the New Year, by dropping those unwanted pounds. 
Check out the links below to discover these amazing tricks that can help you lose weight/fat!
N.B. We do require fat (trans fats, lipids) for sebum, sebaceous cells, brain, joints, skin & even muscle function.
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3 Hormones You MUST Address For Fast Fat Loss

The truth is, when it comes to busting through a plateau or losing those last pounds of stubborn fat, the art of losing fat becomes much more than simply calories in, calories out.

In fact, in these unique situations, I'll go as far as to say that fat loss becomes almost entirely hormonal.
That said, once you understand how to master these three hormonal "nemeses," you just might be able to write your own fat loss ticket.

Three Hormones You MUST Address for Fast Fat Loss

John Romaniello, NSCA-CPT
Roman Fitness Systems, Inc
Author, Final Phase Fat Loss

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How to Lose Stubborn Fat

A Look at Estrogen, Insulin, and Cortisol--the Three Hormones You MUST Address for Fat Loss

You’ve probably experienced the frustrating fat loss phenomenon before.
You exercise, eat healthier and lose weight…and then suddenly your success stops.
Your solution? You exercise more, diet harder, or combine the two and expect to bust out of your plateau. Only nothing happens.

The reason: At some point, just thinking about “calories in versus calories out” isn’t enough.

Your better-body goals are dependent on the type of deficit you create. You see, once you’ve hit a fat loss plateau or when you’re trying to lose the last few pounds, fat loss becomes a game of hormonal balance. And if you’re not taking the right approach, your metabolism slows and it becomes harder for you to transform your body.
That’s why I created Final Phase Fat Loss. It’s an inside look at what really plagues “real” people’s bodies, while making sure you’re never on a diet that’s so severe that you halt your progress. (this is what typically happens)

Your hormones can cripple your physique. They don’t just determine IF you gain fat—they determine where you gain it and whether you’re able to lose if from those areas.
This is why “problem” areas exist. They are a result of your hormonal environment, and they can force your body into particular fat storage patterns.
Consider this your guide to understanding why you store fat in certain areas, and the hormones that are to blame.


Without question, the most common type of regional fat storage is belly fat. Abdominal fat storage obviously has a lot to do with your diet and overall body fat level; but outside of that, it’s all hormones.
The villain: Cortisol—oftentimes referred to as the stress hormone. When your body is under any type of stress—whether emotional or physical—your body produces cortisol, which encourages the storage of belly fat. That means while drinking less or sleeping more can help, it’s not the end-all solution that crushes your belly fat.
What you really need is resistance training; but any type of exercise won’t do.
Remember: cortisol is produced by physical stress, and exercise is actually one of the primary means through which your body will produce this sneaky little hormone. More specifically, long-duration cardio and extended lifting sessions are what produces the most cortisol. It’s the reason why so many runners end up looking “skinny fat.” Sure they lose weight—but their cortisol remains elevated and they still look fat.
Instead, short, intense training sessions using a particular type of training modality will help to counteract the effects of cortisol; both the muscle-wasting effect and the cortisol related belly fat storage. The result: You’ll not only lose weight, but also melt body fat in record time.


One of the most common types of fat storage that we see in women is the “pear shape” – fairly thin on top but heavy on the bottom (and IN the bottom, if you know what I mean).This type of fat storage is also heavily dependent on the female sex hormone estrogen.
High levels of estrogen are awesome for enjoying the Vampire Diaries and makin’ babies, but terrible for fat loss, which is why women usually have more trouble losing fat than men. However, anyone—male or female—with high estrogen levels will have trouble losing fat, especially from the lower body. In essence, the higher your estrogen levels, the greater the likelihood you’ll store fat in your lower body; mainly in your hips and thighs.
And yes, it IS possible for men to have high estrogen levels. Unfortunately, outside of having to deal with a declined rate of fat loss and lower body fat, these guys ALSO have to deal with the ignominy of man-boobs.
Fortunately, you can offset the negative impact of estrogen with certain types of training. In addition to helping you lose fat stored in the lower body, these specifically designed workouts will also be great for fat loss in general. Essentially, they’re great for burning calories and for shedding lower body fat through estrogen management. Combine the two and the result is rapid fat loss, with a heavy concentration on lower body fat stores.


Probably my least favorite incarnation of regional fat storage is love handles and lower back fat. Even when I am in lean condition – I’m talking shredded pretty much everywhere else – I store some fat in my love handles and lower back. It used to take me an extra 3 weeks to get rid of it!
The reason I tend to store fat this way is because of how my body reacts to certain hormones, and because of the effect those hormones have on fat storage. The degree to which you are able to process and respond to glucose (sugar) in your body is called insulin sensitivity. The higher this is, the easier and more efficiently your body utilizes carbohydrates for energy, and the less likely you are to store carbs as fat.
On the other hand, insulin resistance is the opposite; you don’t deal well with carbs. And anything other than a low carb diet pretty much means you’re going to store more fat.
The good news is that insulin resistance (and the resulting regional fatness) can be mitigated with certain types of training. For example, with careful planning and workout progressions, you can start to whittle away at your love handles and lower back fat while you increase insulin sensitivity.

While this knowledge alone can arm you for combat and allow you to get incredible fat loss results, there are even more specific information that you can use to take your results to the next level.
These tactics and strategies are based in science so new and so radical that it may seem pretty “out there”–but it’s in fact is the kind of cutting edge science I live for. And I want to share it with you…if you’re ready.
That’s why I created the Final Phase Fat Loss system – because when this sciences is leveraged, you can address these hormonal issues, and lose fat from the specific areas they plague.
And, to help you combat these hormones, I’ve put FPFL on sale for over 50% off–because I love you like that.
I just want to mention that FPFL isn’t just a “workout routine” – it’s a complete system of 8 individual components, each addressing a specific part of your programming.  In addition to some of the best fat loss information ever, I’ve covered everything from training sheets to supplementation to videos of all the exercises.  All you have to do is follow the steps.

Remember, all the programs are backed a super-ridiculously-awesome 60-day money back guarantee, so if by some crazy fluke you don’t get results you want, I give you some money, an apology, and my first born.  (Or 2 out of those 3.)
So, what are you waiting for?

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Questions about the program?  Drop them here and I’ll give you all the help you need!

Already have FPFL?  Leave your feedback below and let anyone considering it know how awesome it is!

Here’s to your success in 2012!



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