Friday, 30 December 2011

5 Unusual Veggies that FIGHT Stomach Fat

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Hi Friends,

After the over indulgences of the Christmas festivities, you may feel the need to Start the New Year right, by dropping those unwanted pounds. 
Check out the links below to discover these amazing tricks that can help you lose weight/fat!
N.B. We do require fat (trans fats, lipids) for sebum, sebaceous cells, brain, joints, skin & even muscle function.
Have A Wonderful & Abundantly Happy, Healthy & Prosperous  
New Year!
Love and Light...
Gee! :)
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5 Unusual veggies that fight abdominal fat - This unique video shows surprising veggies that fight against stubborn belly fat.

4 Foods to NEVER eat - You may thing that these foods are


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Pilates Power System.
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How to eat 3000-5000 calories/day & stay leanMike Geary
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