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Native Remedies - The Natural Choice

 Native Remedies... The Natural Choice

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Hi Friends,

After the over indulgences of the Christmas festivities, you may feel the need to Start the New Year right, by dropping those unwanted pounds. 
Check out the links below to discover these amazing tricks that can help you lose weight/fat!
N.B. We do require fat (trans fats, lipids) for sebum, sebaceous cells, brain, joints, skin & even muscle function.
Have A Wonderful & Abundantly Happy, Healthy & Prosperous  
Love and Light...
Gee! :)
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 Native Remedies : The Natural Choice
Offer a selection of healthcare, nutrition, supplements & household products, and as the name suggests, commonly sourced from natural ingredients to assist with absorption and reduce metabolic by produced toxins, as synthetic supplements and medicines do and reduce a toxic environment in the home.
Today's  spotlight is on EcoSlim, PetAlive DetoxPlus™ &
 NR Essentials - New Vitamin Line!
Native Remedies EcoSlim™
Helps maintain a healthy weight & balanced metabolism, plus assists slimming programs
EcoSlim Benefits:
- Supports healthy weight loss efforts
- Helps maintain healthy weight and efficient metabolism
- Does not contain artificial stimulants or ephedra
- Helps the digestive system break down dietary fats
- Promotes nutrient absorption for improved energy levels
- Supports balanced sugar levels to prevent cravings
- Encourages a balanced mood
- Reduces the desire for 'comfort' eating

Ailment Page:

EcoSlim Testimonials:

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For additional support, Detox Drops™  to promote detoxification and toxin elimination - is a perfect complement to EcoSlim™ 
Promotes system detoxification to eliminate harmful waste and toxins
DetoxPlus Benefits:
- Supports the body's natural processes of cleansing and elimination
- Support healthy skin, coat, joints and digestive system
- Facilitate healthy energy levels and general well-being

DetoxPlus Testimonials: see what customers have to say


New Vitamin Line - NR Essentials
Native Remedies is excited to introduce 15 brand new vitamins to our extensive line of specially formulated, safe and proven natural remedies.

Calendar Make your daily remedy regimen complete!
Vitamin E with tocopherols & tocotrienols NR Essentials™ Vitamin E with tocopherols & tocotrienols
Promotes cellular health, utilizing only natural vitamin E for higher potency and easier absorption
Retail: $19.95 YOUR PRICE: $17.95
Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin NR Essentials™ Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin
Highly absorbed liquid B12 that supports normal metabolism and nerve cell health
Retail: $21.95 YOUR PRICE: $19.95
Calcium/Magnesium NR Essentials™ Calcium/Magnesium
Utilizes sophisticated sources of calcium and magnesium for better absorption and maintenance of essential functions for full-body health
Retail: $10.95 YOUR PRICE: $10.45
Vitamin B-Complex NR Essentials™ Vitamin B-Complex
A balanced supplement that promotes nervous system health and a normal metabolism
Retail: $16.95 YOUR PRICE: $15.95
Multivitamin for Men NR Essentials™ Multivitamin for Men
Helps maintain peak performance and energy levels with a vegetarian enzyme blend that aids absorption
Retail: $19.95 YOUR PRICE: $17.95
Vitamin D3 NR Essentials™ Vitamin D3
Supports bone and muscle strength, supplying 5,000 IU in every capsule
Retail: $19.95 YOUR PRICE: $17.95
Multivitamin for Women NR Essentials™ Multivitamin for Women
Promotes full-body female health with a nutrient combination that supports bone health, breast health, and hormone function, plus promotes beautiful skin
Retail: $26.95 YOUR PRICE: $24.95
CoQ10 NR Essentials™ CoQ10
Promotes energy, metabolism and maintains cellular health via a unique, vegetarian liquid supplement in a lipid base for better absorption
Retail: $31.00 YOUR PRICE: $26.95
Multivitamin NR Essentials™ Multivitamin
A comprehensive multivitamin for daily nutritional needs
Retail: $17.95 YOUR PRICE: $15.95
Garlic NR Essentials™ Garlic
Promotes immune system health while preserving the herb's active compounds through careful manufacturing techniques
Retail: $10.50 YOUR PRICE: $10.25
DHA NR Essentials™ DHA
Supports brain, eye, and nerve cell health in convenient capsule form, free of fishy flavors
Retail: $24.95 YOUR PRICE: $22.95
Omega Lemonade Smoothie NR Essentials™ Omega Lemonade Smoothie
Great tasting fish oil that supports brain and heart health
Retail: $26.35 YOUR PRICE: $17.95
Bio-5 Probiotic Blend NR Essentials™ Bio-5 Probiotic Blend
Promotes gastrointestinal health, mimicking the biological diversity of the digestive tract with five strains of probiotic organisms and 10 billion CFUs
Retail: $19.95 YOUR PRICE: $17.95
Omega Lemonade Smoothie for Kids NR Essentials™ Omega Lemonade Smoothie for Kids
Great tasting fish oil that promotes normal development and brain functions
Retail: $13.99 YOUR PRICE: $10.95
Vitamin C Enhanced Formula NR Essentials™ Vitamin C Enhanced Formula
Boosts the immune system, utilizing a synergistic blend designed for enhanced absorption
Retail: $14.95 YOUR PRICE: $11.95
Money Back Guarantee All vitamins come with a one year unconditional money back guarantee.

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