Friday, 2 April 2010

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As you know there are many pieces to the health and fitness puzzle...

If success was based on just working out, or just eating right, or just having the right mindset, most trainers and nutrition coaches would be out of a job.

(And look, if everyone was healthy, fit, trim and happy, I'd gladly do something else!)

But, the reality is We live in a world where it's not that simple.  There are many ways to achieve your goals and there are many factors that need to be addressed.

Sometimes just the smallest piece of information or book can completely change the course of your health and life.

One of the factors involved in achieving great health is something that I knew very little about until recently.

It's one of those "X" factors that we take for granted.

The factor is water.
We all know we need to drink water, hydrate ourselves and keep all our systems operating cleanly. That's a given. (About half your body weight in ounces a day, BTW!)

What's not as evident is that our water has changed since the days it was OK to drink from the spring in the backyard.

Now, there are toxins, pesticides, industrial and pharmaceutical residues in our water supply that can seriously compromise your health.  Did you know that 25 different US states have reported unacceptable arsenic levels in their waters?  It's shocking!

I recently was sent a copy of a program that covered a lot of questions that I had about water and how to get those nasty things out of it.  It covered things like:

- Which filters are the best for your home.

- If well water is really safe.

- How to avoid toxic plastic bottles and what to use instead.

- How just drinking water, may not keep you as hydrated as you need to be.

- And a bunch more...

After listening to just a little bit of the program, I honestly was shocked into taking action.

I never knew all the dangers and the need for drinking water in it's purest state.

Luckily, the program that I'm talking about lays out a process for you to take to get clean, pure drinking water for yourself and your family.

So you can sleep easy knowing that you're getting what you need!

Go ahead and check it out...

==> Renegade Water Secrets
It's an invaluable resource for anyone who is looking for a healthy and happy life for a long time to come!

Be Healthy, Be Happy... Keep Your Vibes Positive (EF500 or more)!
Stay Grateful, Loving, Happy and Blessed!
Love, Light & Abundance,

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