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By Hadi-Ibne-Siddique
Sunburnt skin is a condition of the skin after exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Sunburnt skin shows that the sun has damaged your skin cells, the DNA. Damaged DNA can cause cells to start growing out of control. This can lead to skin cancer. Getting painful sunburn just once every two years can triple the risk of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Your body's attempt to repair this damage is what causes the painful symptoms of sunburn.Why sunburns are red, hot or painful?When UV radiation damages DNA, your body tries to repair the damage. The blood vessels in the local area swell, allowing blood to rush into it. This is why sunburn looks red. Blood inside your body is also hot, which is why it feels like sunburns give off heat - actually, they are usually no hotter than your core body temperature. The wider blood vessels allow the cells of your immune system to travel to the site of the damage. They also release chemicals which trigger inflammation - this is why bad sunburns are swollen and painful.

 Do I have to worry about sunburn in the UK?Most people think about sunburn as something that happens on holiday or in hot, sunny places. But sunburn can happen just as easily at home as on holiday. Many cases happen when people are not deliberately 'sunbathing'. You may be outdoors watching sport, doing the gardening or just sitting in the park.

How do I protect my children in the sun?

Top 10 tips for protecting children in the sun
1.      Good habits for the future: Teaching children safe sun habits while they are young set a good pattern for later life.
2.      Remember you can burn in the UK: the Great British sun is quite capable of burning your child! Take extra care at home as well as abroad.
3.      Use shade: Keep babies and children in complete shade; 
under trees, umbrellas, canopies etc.
4.       Cover them up: When outdoors; protect children's skin by wearing loose clothing, hats, sunglasses etc.
5.       Wear sunglasses: Purchase good quality, wrap-round sunglasses.
6.      Hats they like: Buy hats children like, as they will use it as an excuse not to wear them!
7.      Use sunscreen: Use at least factor 30 sunscreen. Use in areas that can’t be protected by clothing, face, ears, feet, hands.
8.      Apply sunscreen regularlybefore children go outdoors they need a coat of sunscreen. Waterproof brands are good for children who are swimming and playing with water.
9.       Remember break and lunch time!Give them a hat and tell them to put it on at break and lunch time. Remember the sun is strongest between mid-days till 3:00pm. 
10.  Aloe Sunscreen Spray SPF30 (319): (Aloe Sunscreen Tube Spf 30 - 199) Protection at the push of a button!  All the benefits you would expect - 30 SPF protection and aloe vera to protect your skin against the sun and wind, plus the added benefit of water resistance to allow you to splash and swim without worry!!

At a Glance...
Ø  SPF 30 with full-spectrum UVA & UVB protection for your skin against dangerous sunburns and the harmful effects of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays
Ø  Very water resistant
Ø  Convenient spray-on formula
Ø  Specially formulated with 100% stabilized Aloe Vera Gel
Ø  Gentle yet potent waterproof formulation
Ø  Retains its sun protection factor after 40 minutes of activity in the water

We all understand these days that the sun can harm us. Sun burn increases the risk of skin cancer significantly. Malignant Melanomas account for just fewer than 10% of cancers in the 20 - 39 age groups! Thanks to Forever 
Aloe Sunscreen Spray SPF30 and Aloe Sunscreen Lotion, it's never been easier to enjoy the outdoors while taking good care of yourself and your loved ones at the same time!

319     Aloe Sunscreen Spray

Protection at the push of a button!  All the benefits you would expect - 30 SPF protection and aloe vera to protect your skin against the sun and     More Info

199     Aloe Sunscreen

SPF30, a silky smooth formula that retains SPF for 40 minutes in water. Soothes and protects against sun and wind, also makes an ideal aftersun. Excellent for children.

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