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Grounding/Earthing... Are You Connected?


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Dr. Sinatra discusses "grounding," or "Earthing," the direct and
indirect means of improving health by absorbing the earth's natural,
electromagnetic energy.

Grounding/Earthing.... Are You Connected?

In today's world, the human body, more so than any other living entity, is gradually and increasingly being disconnected with, or insulated from, the Earth.

This vital and important connection that we have had for many thousands of years, but now, because of our 'modern-day living' - the introduction of man-made fabrics and footwear, high rise offices and buildings, wireless devices, microwave devices and a lot more, we have almost depleted this vitally important biological and biophysical connection essential for total well-being - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

With this in mind and the ever increasing onslaught of free radicals, static, microwaves 
e.t.c. plus the fact we are using more synthetics in our clothing & footwear, we need
to look into ways to re- earth or re-charge ourselves everyday, as nature intended.

Basically... grounding/earthing is reconnecting with the earth and it's natural electrical
charge. Prior to the introduction of synthetics, radiowaves, microwaves, video and 
highrises, we were more likely to connect daily - walking bare foot, hiking, gardening, 
swimming, sleeping on the ground floor, camping and such activities actual help to
ground us.

Many people have noticed that they feel better when they spend time barefoot in the
outdoors - garden, park, beach... Now we know why! 

Many of us believe that Our Environment and Our Essential Interaction and Interwoven Connection With The Environment and Mother Earth, Nature, The Universe, Our solar
system and Each other are all inter-related and connected and this vital energy through
the sun via the earth is our connection. Like the air we breathe, we share the same natural energy force... Source!

When get disconnected we suffer all manner of conditions and ailments from allergies to arthritis, respiratory to digestive problems, diabetes to angina, insomnia, hormonal imbalances etc... the list as we know is endless, from minor to major challenges present themselves, developing into chronic illnesses, the longer we remain unconnected.


Earthing™ (re-connecting with the earth) is a recent idea, with the introduction of electricity,
it was discovered quite soon, that grounding was necessary to prevent fires in the home,
from electrical surges. It is based on scientific evidence confirming the long-suspected necessity for barefoot contact with the earth. Modern science has determined that standing barefoot on the earth (or otherwise connecting to the natural frequencies of the earth) has 
a wide variety of effects on the human body.

Standing barefoot on the earth (or otherwise connecting to the natural frequencies of the 
earth) connects the human body with an unlimited supply of free electrons resident in and 
on the surface of the earth. Standing barefoot on the earth also connects the human body 
with rhythmic cycles of the earth’s energy field. These appear important for synchronizing biological clocks, hormonal cycles and physiological rhythms. Grounding in this way is immediate, but you need to do this for a minimum of 10 minutes a day to restore the 
correct levels. More if you have conditions or challenges.

If you check the web, you are sure to find many varied products for grounding, some
have been available for decades - making it a not so new concept!
Chrysotile serves as a earthing stone for grounding.

Serpantine is an earthing stone that clears the chakras

Yes... we are like rechargeable batteries!
We only hold so much charge and have to top it up on a regular basis, more or more
often, if more energy is used/consumed or unit is faulty!!

Serpentine (below) is one of the crystals that vibrate at the earths electrical frequency, recommended for grounding
Q-Link Grounding (EMF) Jewellery

If you understand Chakra energy systems you'll know how much of an impact this 
disconnection or failure to re-charge can affect us every aspect of our lives 
and our environment.

The cells in your body constantly draw energy from the brain and the Earth's electromagnetic field in an effort to achieve what is called "magnetic resonance". 
Magnetic resonance occurs when the magnetic frequency in your brain matches a 
harmonic of the frequencies of the other organs and body tissues.

This normally occurs for only brief periods during sleep. During these periods, 

your body's ability to heal, create enzymes and boost immunity is enhanced. 
Other vital functions related to magnetic resonance are being discovered almost 
daily by those working in the emerging field of quantum medicine.
(Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 00;97;6242) (FASEB J 92;(abstract 2433)
(Sci Week 00;Vol4(32))
- Dr.David Williams, Alternatives, March 2004.

Green Aventurin act's as the storage mechanism for the energy of the earth ...
Programmed crystals with an “earthing” vibration

Because our modern lifestyle prohibits most people from spending time in direct
contact with the earth, we need to look into using products specifically designed to
help make the connection – in the comfort of your own home or work place.
In today’s world, re-connecting with the earth (Grounding/Earthing) could be one of
the most important things you do!

The link below shows some information taken from an article based upon the 
published science (in English) of eminent Biophysicists in 1993 by 
Haug International s.p.r.l. First published in German in 1990 
by Karl F. Haug Verlag GmbH and Co.

Benefits of Grounding/Earthing
Reconnecting with the earth can enhance your well-being in 
so many different ways
  •     Improve Energy
  •     Enhance Recovery/Healing
  •     Improve sleep
  •     Relieve muscle tension
  •     Reduce stress
  •     Restore normal biological rythyms
  •     Reduce/eliminate allergies including asthma

You must check out this webinar hosted by Darius Barazandeh 
with guest speaker/practitioner Clint Ober

How to Ground/Earth Your Body

Walking bare-foot on the grass or ground or lying on the grass is very
beneficial but often not very convenient. Other options include a direct and
comfortable night time earthing via bedding or pads.

Both methods can improve your well-being by connecting your body with the
Earth's natural healing energy... as nature intended.

For further technical Information, visit The Earthing Institute


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