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Parasites - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment & Simply Raw Video Series - Would You Consider This Radical?

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Just wanted to update you with the latest in some health and nutritional information you can put into use immediately...
Plus the latest in the Raw for 30 Days - Simply Raw Video Series...
Would You Consider This Radical? Find out more below.

Have a great weekend and week ahead!

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Would You Consider This Radical?
The next in the Simply Raw Video Series - Video 4

If I were to ask you to eat a raw food diet, would
you consider that to be a radical diet? (I think most
people would!)

Or would you consider eating pesticides, herbicides,
hormones, and other manufactured chemicals found
in everyday foods to be radical?

It's a pretty interesting question to ask…

Alex Ortner, producer of the film "Simply Raw" sat down
with Mike Adams, one of the world's leading consumer
advocates on health and well-being, to discuss this topic.

The interview is another eye-opening interview in
the 100% fr*ee Simply Raw Video Series that has
been released over the last week.

Just like all the videos in this Series, this video is a
down to earth interview that must be seen by anyone
who cares about their health…

If you want real solutions to real health problems
then I highly suggest you see this video:

I hope you watch!

To your health,
Be Health, Be Happy!
Love n Light... God Bless!
Gee Morris-Osborne 

P.S. - Unfortunately a whole lot of false information from
the food and drug industry has been put out to the
public to keep them ignorant to the truths discussed
in this video.

They've put billions of dollars into keeping us ignorant
with advertisements that say ridiculous things like
"high fructose corn syrup is fine in moderation."

Now I know that you're smarter than to believe their
nonsense…especially if you've been watching the Simply
Raw Video Series over the last week.

And I hope you'll be smart enough to watch this video
as well...

This 100% fr*ee video series has been getting amazing
reviews for it's eye opening information (over 2,000
comments in just 7 days…)

Make sure to check it out:



85-95% of adults and children have parasites in them but don't know it. 
You may be one of the unlucky ones. 
The subject maybe terrifying, but the information may help you improve your health...

Parasites are a serious public health threat because so few people are talking about them 
and even fewer people are listening when they are being discussed.

Parasites are insidious because of the common misconception among medical people and 
the general public that parasites are generally a Third World problem where malnutrition
and poor hygienic practices exist.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Tests often do 
not show the presence of parasites because the testing procedures are mainly outdated and 

Parasites can affect us in various ways, symptoms are not always detected, but may include*:

  • Allergies
  • Bed-wetting
  • Brain fog
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Digestive complaints (gas, bloating, cramps)
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Irritability/nervousness
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle cramps
  • Overall fatigue
  • Pain in the navel
  • Persistent skin problems
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Ravenous appetite (or loss of
  • appetite)
  • Rectal itching
  • Sugar craving
  • Teeth grinding

Parasites enter the body in various ways:

  • Ingestion – from unclean food or other people
  • Inhalation – tiny eggs float on dust particles, especially if we have pets
  • Through our skin - especially the bottom of our feet
Parasites travel throughout our bodies, live off what we eat and even our cells, and leave their toxic waste behind. When they live inside us, they drain our inner resources, debilitating us.

Who Gets Parasites?

Everyone can potentially become a host to parasites.
Let’s look at some of the possible reasons for the rising number of parasitic infections.
  • Rise in international travel.
  • Contamination of municipal and rural water supplies.
  • Increasing use of day-care centers.
  • Influx of refugee and immigrant populations from endemic areas.
  • Return of armed forces from overseas.
  • Continued popularity of household pets.
  • Increasing popularity of exotic regional foods.
  • Use of antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs.
  • The sexual revolution.

There are 4 pathways through which we can get infected:
  • Via food or water which are sources of the roundworm, amoebae, giardia.
  • Via a vector - the mosquito is a carrier of dog heartworm, filaria, malaria; the flea is a carrier of dog tapeworm; the common housefly transmits amebic cysts; the sand fly carries leishmaniasis.
  • Via sexual contact where partners can transmit trichomonas, giardia, amoebae.
  • Through the nose and skin where pinworm eggs and Toxoplasma gondii can be inhaled from contaminated dust, hookworms, schistosomes, and strongyloides can penetrate exposed skin and bare feet.
Another parasitic pathway is the airplane. Extensive international travel has exposed people to a whole range of exotic diseases never before encountered in their homeland.

Why Don’t Doctors Often Diagnose Parasites?

Many parasite-based problems can mimic diseases which are more familiar to most doctors. Roundworm infection has been mis-diagnosed as peptic ulcer. Amoebic colitis is often mis-labeled as ulcerative colitis. Chronic fatigue syndrome and yeast infections may be a chronic case of giardiasis. Diabetes and hypoglycemia may be caused by tapeworm infection.
Parasitology courses (study of human parasites) are usually offered by a tropical disease department which explains why the medical community generally perceives parasites as primarily a foreign concern. In addition, it is difficult to accurately diagnose the problem because the parasite’s own reproductive cycle in which eggs or cysts are passed at irregular intervals makes diagnoses tricky.

What Are Some of The Symptoms of Parasite Infestation?

  • Feel tired most of the time (Chronic Fatigue)?
  • Have digestive problems? (gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea which come and go but never really clear up)
  • Have gastrointestinal symptoms and bulky stools with excess fat in feces?
  • Suffer with food sensitivities and environmental intolerance?
  • Developed allergic-like reactions and can’t understand why?
  • Have joint and muscle pains and inflammation often assumed to be arthritis?
  • Suffer with anemia or iron deficiency (pernicious anemia)?
  • Have hives, rashes, weeping eczema, cutaneous ulcers, swelling, sores, papular lesions, itchy dermatitis?
  • Suffer with restlessness and anxiety?
  • Experience multiple awakenings during the night?
  • Grind your teeth?
  • Have an excessive amount of bacterial or viral infections?
  • Depressed?
  • Difficulty gaining or losing weight no matter what you do?
  • Did a candida program which either didn’t help at all or helped somewhat but you still can’t stay away from bread, alcohol, fruit, or fruit juices?
  • Just can’t figure out why you don’t feel really great and neither can your doctor?
The symptoms above are only possible symptoms. Please keep in mind that not every person who has a few of these symptoms should automatically assume that they are infected; however, if you suspect infection or have been unsuccessfully treated for a problem, it is worth doing some specific parasite cleansing.

What are parasites?

A parasite is an organism which lives off the host, the host being you or me. The parasite lives a parallel life inside our bodies, feeding off either our own energy, our own cells or the food we eat.

The immediate question that comes to people's minds when they become informed of this situation is: "How can a parasite possibly live in my body and I don't even know it is there?" The answer to this is simple:. the nature of a parasite is to not make itself known. A smart parasite lives without being detected because if it is detected, of course, something is going to be done to eradicate it. Parasites are "clever" in their ability to survive and reproduce, which is of course, the purpose of any organism on this planet. It sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? And in some ways it is, but it can make life for humans very complicated.
In the book, "Animals Parasitic in Man" by Geoffrey Lapage, he states: "There is no part of the human body, nor indeed, any part of the bodies of the hosts of parasitic animals in general, which is not visited by some kind of parasitic animal at some time or another, during their life histories" This means parasites can occur anywhere in your body. No organ is immune from their infestation.

Parasites - hard to detect and hard to get rid of!

If you were to get tested by a doctor for parasites, chances are the results would come back negative. Does this mean with certainty that you do not have parasites? Unfortunately medical testing procedures only catch about 20% of the actual cases of parasites. There exist over l,000 species of parasites which can live in your body, however tests are available for approximately 40 to 50 types. This means physicians are only testing for about 5% of the parasites and missing 80% of those which are present. This brings the ability to clinically find parasites down to l %.

Why Conventional Drugs Don't Work...
Once you've determined that you do have parasites, taking drugs to get rid of them may not always work. This is because a drug will often drive a parasite from one organ of the body to another. It's like people moving to better climates to make their living conditions more pleasant, or birds flying south for the winter.

More about Parasites...

But there is something you can do to protect yourself...

You can provide your body the herbal support it needs to rid itself naturally of these dangerous critters. Our bodies have developed natural defenses to combat parasites. 
The herbs and preparations like Oxypowder Colon Cleanse from The Finchley Clinic , Aloe Vera Drink from F.L.P Forever Living Products - Premium sourced Aloe based health products and other premium preparations like Merlins Herbal Magic Herbs or from high end brands like Sunfood / David Wolfe - Raw Food Expert  and health product companies like Tiens/Tianshi Products & Business and Mannatech Glyconutrients                                                                                           
have been used traditionally to support normal parasitic cleanse function. 
Ethnographic and herbal studies over recent years tend to support this traditional use.

Please read "PARASITES ARE NOT RARE IN NORTH AMERICA"  for more information about parasites.

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