Friday, 1 January 2010 - The Infection Information site is a well researched resource of information on the wide spectrum of infections ranging through the bacterial, fungal and viral species.

The site provides orthodox information on infections, the symptoms, the causes, the treatments and the preventions, complimented by it's holistic approach.

Visually pleasing pictures and easily understood text, make this site well worth the visit and one to save to your favorites. Whether you favour orthodox medicine, alternative medicine or both, this site will prove to be a highly recommended source of practical information.

Symptoms of Infections

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Three Types of Infections


Diagnosis of Sinusitis
Written by admin Diagnosis, Gallery Nov 17, 2009
Diagnosis of Sinusitis
When the medical professional is attempting to determine the cause of the sinus infection, there are several processes that may be done. For example, the doctor will probably check to see if there is tenderness in the throat or nasal passages. Blockages, pockets where infections can thrive or abnormalities can be viewed with the aid [...]

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Illness in Your Dog “Dog is a man’s best friend”. If this is the case, then we must treat them accordingly; constant check ups, proper nutrition, and daily exercise. All dogs rely on our commitment for survival. 1. Vaccination: Each dog must receive proper vaccination annually in order to prevent any infectious illnesses. Although your dog may seem healthy, in order to survive he must receive the » Media • by admin 

Throat Infection Dry throat? Coughing? Inflammation? You may have a throat infection. Throat infections effect millions of people each year. The pain can range from a mild annoyance to a unbearable suffering. Although symptoms may range, the cause is quite simple; micro-organisms. This potential mild annoyance must be taken care of, because if left alone, throat infections have been known to lead

Staph Infections Although that small cut on your finger may seem minuscule, it is a portal for all bacteria. The most common disease causing bacteria is the Staphylococcus aureus, better known as Staph Infection. This infection can find its way into your body through several different avenues, in several different ways and it is extremely important to deal with it right away. Although most cases o » Media • by admin 

Bacterial Infections You wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, drive your car to work, walk up the stairs to your office, shake hands with employees, and all the while you have not thought once, about the deadliest item surrounding your day; bacteria. Bacteria is a microscopic organism that floats through the air, lives on intimate objects, and thrives on the scientific make up of your body. Thro

Organic Solutions All individuals can suffer from a bladder infection, but not everyone knows what to do to cure it. In order to know how to remedy the infection, one must establish the actions that cause a bladder infection. This infection can occur through an inconsistent diet or an over consumption of alcohol. All nutrients are soaked in through the kidneys which then stabilizes the bladder. If

Kidney Infections in Dogs Have you ever taken a urine sample from your dog? Ever take his/her temperature? Monitor his/her urinary habits? Maybe you should, it could mean he state of their kidneys, perhaps even the state of their life. A dog’s kidneys remove waste and absorb nutrients, kind of like a filter. While balancing electrolyte levels, the kidneys maintain red blood cell production. The ki. . . » Media • by admin  

Dec 23 2009

Tattoo Infected You stand up and look in the mirror at the tattoo you jut received; a piece of art that symbolizes an expression of your morals, your beliefs, perhaps your mistakes. But how do you know it won’t get infected? How do you know for sure the place you received your tattoo is credible? How do you know that the tattoo artist truly sanitized his tools? Infected tattoos can occur from a va. . . » Media • by admin 

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