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Quick Coherence Technique - Howard Martin - HeartMath Method


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Howard Martin - co-creator of HeartMath Method audio learning system has developed a method of bringing the emotions into positive alignment and a program for prevention and reduction of stress in daily living.

It's about not giving the negative Emotional energy given to a bad situation (thus attracting more of the same).

Take the DRAMA OUT!
View these situations as a third party and try and see the big picture. This helps you learn from the situation - if there are any lessons to learn - but also ensures that no negative vibrations are associated with this event (which may come back and haunt us later down the line).

Intuitive Intellegence - Heart
On a whole we live our daily lives through our 5 senses. This constitutes as a brain or intellect led existence, where we react to our environment. So, Brain Led (intellect) ordinarily we have got to learn to switch the polarity to the Heart to experience a better life all round. More intuitively! Living a lifestyle - work, family, friends etc - led by unconditional love for all things leads to more fulfuling and harmonic existence. Practicing a caring lifestyle comes back to you from people and life (Universe). How we deal with our emotions is the unifier and a guiding force between the heart and intellect.

Heart/Brain Coherence - Quick Coherence technique
3 step process.

1. Focus your attention to centre of chest (heart area) - Heart Focus
2. Breathe naturally a little deeper than normal and direct breath thru heart (pretends) - Heart Breathing - synchronise with autonomic nervous system bring more energy/electricity to the area
3. Make an effort to feel a good/positive emotion eg love for someone, appreciation for what you have, peaceful - things are ok! Good feeling of accomplishment! Positive emotion. It's All Good! Maintain this feeling for a few minutes whilst still focusing on the heart breathing - makes the impact of what your facing/doing less and prevents stress taking a stronghold on the body. You're able to focus more and make better decisions on how to deal with situation.

Breathing is good but the impact of good emotions stabilises how you store the event in program (subconsious) and how you deal with situations like that in the future. The Emotional shift is vital for bringing about changes in body, mind & spirit - Hormonal, nervous system, Brain. Brings systems to a coherent state NOW!

Heart Rate Variablity Measurement

This is the timing between beats which is directly affected by emotion.
Bad emotions trigger bad hormones and is bad for blood pressure, heart and lowers brain activity.
Good emotions do the opposite ie good for blood pressure, heart and rhythm, production of DHEA, lowers cortisol production etc.

Coherence Tools

Introductory Coherence Technique
Being coherently aligned while radiating compassion and care increases focus and effectiveness. However, any genuine care and compassion you radiate benefits the planet, whether or not you are in total coherence. You can radiate care and compassion for the planet while riding down the road, exercising, working in the yard, standing in a grocery line or at any time you can squeeze it in. It all counts and adds to the collective intention.

1. Breathe and calm yourself in whatever ways you choose.
2. Choose something you appreciate – a person, pet, nature, etc. – and radiate the feeling of appreciation to them for about 2 minutes.
3. This helps open the heart more and increases your effectiveness when you start sending care to the planet or to a situation in need.
4. Now evoke the genuine feelings of compassion and care for the planet.
5. Breathe the feelings of compassion and care going out from your heart.
6. To help with focus, some people imagine the compassion and care flowing out the way an ocean wave flows toward a beach. Some imagine their compassion radiating as a beam of light. Others simply radiate it out with the rhythm of their breath. There are no hard and fast rules on how you do this. People are different, so find what suits you.
7. Radiate the genuine feelings of compassion and care to the planet or to a specific area of immediate need.
8. See yourself, along with other caretakers, participating in this process of healing and facilitating peace.
9. (If you have an emWave®, use it while practicing this introductory coherence technique.)

How long should you do the technique?
That’s for you to decide. Most people do it at least 5 minutes a day to help build their personal coherence. As people increasingly understand the wholeness benefits of coherence for the sender and the receiver, they often increase the length of time. Sometimes you’ll want to spend more time and other times less, based on how you feel and your schedule.

Know that compassion for others is never wasted. It just has its own timing and higher discernment in how it plays out.
—Doc Childre

There is no such thing as a stress free life. Stress comes in two forms: Positive and Negative. If you have any doubts about the existence of positive stress, just think about all the decisions it takes to handle a happy event like a wedding. Even the joyful prospect of joining with the man or woman of your dreams creates somatic (physical) responses in your body. When you think of walking down the aisle with your mate, heart rate and blood pressure go up, pupils dilate, breathing becomes more rapid. Your body is flooded with endorphins that make you feel even more wonderful. It is positive, but it is stress.

Negative stress is a killer – literally. Additional strain is placed on your organs by the stress and worry over potentially toxic relationships, financial limitations, and social situations. The incidence rate of heart disease and cancer skyrockets in the presence of negative stressors. That’s why partnering with a trained professional to reduce more than just negative stress levels is so valuable.

The goal is to shrink the number and severity of negative situations in your life.

The very real result is an improved life expectancy.

The bonus is that the life you then live is happier and less stressful.


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